Systems of Trust: Framing people and processes as distributed systems


Andrew Wipf and Brian Berzins were hired into a fortune 200 company as distributed systems engineers with the expressed goal of tech modernization, agile transformation, and to kickstart engineering culture. They quickly found themselves frustrated trying to navigate people and process of the new organization. Technical problems they've solved before were blocked by non-technical barriers time and time again. In frustration, they took a step back and looked at these blockers as symptoms of an underlying distributed systems problem.

This talk is about:

· Framing the observed distributed systems of people and process within large organizations

· Asking why these systems are the way they are

· Exploring the unexpected symptoms and outcomes of those systems

· Changing these systems to better align with the goals of the business

Please bring your ID, beer tickets provided for those 21+ with government issued ID. Pizza Luce will be provided for all.