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Join this Slack Platform Community group to connect with other developers, builders, designers, and product managers who are interested in building the future of work. We get together to talk about what we’ve built, check out new platform releases, and learn from each other. You can stay the most up-to-date with us at slackcommunity.com.

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Building Slack Apps with Bolt JS

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Hello 2021.

Have you always wanted to build amazing apps that work with Slack platform ? Was it hard ? On 28th we'll be having this amazing virtual event where we will be talking about Bolt JS, a revolutionary framework that makes building and deployment of your apps on Slack Platform easier and fun ! 

More info on : https://slack.dev/bolt-js/tutorial/getting-started


5:00 PM: Introduction to BoltJS

5:15 PM: Understanding Slack API's

5:30 PM: Creating a simple slack app in TypeScript

6:00 PM: Simple Demo of DeepSource JavaScript Analyzer

6:30 PM: Questions + Repo Clone



Moulik Aggarwal - DeepSource (Software Engineer, JavaScript)

Jai Bhatt - SPC Jaipur (Chapter Leader)


Jai Bhatt - SPC Jaipur (Chapter Leader)

Abhishek Rathore - SPC Jaipur (Chapter Leader)


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Slack Platform Community meetups are for developers, product managers, and designers who are interested in building integrations with Slack that make their teams' lives easier. Our groups meet to talk about what we've built, check out new platform releases, and connect with other people who are interested in building the future of work. Join us at slackcommunity.com.



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GitHub Actions with Slack

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