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Boston Slalom Build Tech Talks are a place to get out of the weeds of your 9-5 and talk shop in a way that reminds you why you got into tech in the first place. Over drinks and snacks we’ll discuss everything from what SHIELD can teach us about data security to the basics of containerization and Kubernetes to why Jamie Lannistar would make a great product owner to chaos as an agile principle.

These talks will be multidisciplinary from Containers to Microservices, Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things to Blockchain, and DevOps to Test Automation. We invite those who are excited about the latest and greatest technologies and who want an inclusive environment to continue to learn the ever-changing technology landscape, regardless if you are a beginner or expert, merely curious or have a hard-won point of view.

We’re located at 399 Boylston St. #300. The office is pretty cool. Come hang out.

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Building Agile Software Development Teams in the World of Ice and Fire

Did season 8 of Game of Thrones make you feel like all the effort you’d put into memorizing the geographical features and political intricacies of Westeros was a waste? Never fear, because July 24th we’re going back to the Citadel for a crash course in building agile software development teams in the world Ice and Fire. We’ll explore burning (and freezing) questions, such as: • Why would Jamie Lannister make a great Product Owner? And what is a great Product Owner? • Is Tywin Lannister, who 100% thinks he’s an Engagement Manager, really an engineer? And what traits does a great engineer bring to a team beyond an ability to code? • Is Bran a proto-UX designer? What role does UX play on a cross-functional agile team? • What does the Unsullied Army have in common with DevOps? Join us for snacks, drinks and answers as we expose the depth and breadth of our nerd, and go all liberal arts major on the software development process.

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The beauty, majesty and wonder of Microservices

399 Boylston St

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