What we're about

Toronto is full of incredible & passionate techies. Folks who are excited about the latest & greatest and want to learn and keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

You know the type – folks who are interested in things like:

• Modern web apps and SPAs with the newest JavaScript Frameworks
• Mobile applications with scalable backends
• Cloud solutions with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
• Complex enterprise applications with many integrations and patterns
• Data and Analytics solutions with modern data architectures

Well, from Containers to Microservices, Machine Learning to Chatbots, Modern Web apps, Serverless functions, Blockchains, and DevOps/Automation – we *also* want to learn it all.

Our approach is deceptively simple: Bring awesome speakers & trainers together with Toronto programmers/architects and watch the magic happen!

We look forward to meeting like-minded people at our regularly-held talks and dojos, so, swing by, grab a byte, and let’s talk tech!

Slalom is a modern consulting firm focused on designing and building solutions to complex problems with modern technology. If you’re interested in learning more about us, check us out at www.slalom.com.


Slalom Tech Talks – Code of Conduct


As part of Slalom, we believe that people are fundamentally awesome, and everyone is worthy of each other’s kindness and respect. Below is our attempt to codify how we expect all attendees, speakers, and volunteers to conduct themselves while in attendance or in association with our meetup group.

TL;DR: Please treat each other with the utmost kindness, tolerance, and respect.

People are awesome in many different ways. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where *all of us* can get together to learn in a fun and safe environment.

This means that we have a *ZERO-TOLERANCE* policy for any *HARM or HARASSMENT* of our attendees for *ANY REASON* (be it due to age, physical or personal attributes, religious beliefs, or sexual identity and orientation, etc.).

Also, while we typically provide food and beverages at our meetup events, we fully expect that our guests conduct themselves in a professional, safe, and non-disruptive manner at all times.

Any attendees that are found to be in violation of our code of conduct will be asked to kindly leave, and may be refused access to our events in the future.

Finally, we ask all guests interested in attending our meetup to RSVP for the event on the Meetup platform so we can manage our guest list effectively (food/seating/emergency exit plans).

We look forward to meeting all of you friendly techies out there!!


Slalom Tech Talks – Code of Conduct For Virtual Events


In addition to the code above, please note the following should be applied to all our virtual events:

• Ensure your background (at home or virtual) is appropriate
• Wear appropriate clothing: whether a t-shirt, 3-piece suit, or halloween costume; remember everyone can see you. No shirt, no service!
• Ensure you are on mute at all times unless asking/answering a question or during smaller group breakouts

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