What we're about

There are a lot of passionate techies in Toronto. People who are excited about the latest and greatest, who want to learn and keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. Who are interested in things like:

- Modern web apps and SPAs with the newest JavaScript Frameworks
- Mobile applications with a scalable backend
- Cloud solutions with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
- Complex enterprise applications with many integrations
- Data and Analytics solutions with modern data architecture

From Containers to Microservices, Machine Learning to Chatbots, Serverless functions to Blockchain, and DevOps to Automation – we want to learn it all. Our approach is deceptively simple: Bring awesome speakers that are working on cool tech together with Toronto programmers and architects with a thirst for knowledge … and watch the magic happen!

We look forward to meeting like-minded people at our inaugural event on January 31st – swing by, grab a pint, and let’s talk tech!

Slalom is a consulting firm focused on designing and building solutions to complex problems with modern technology. If you’re interested in learning more about us, check us out at www.slalom.com.

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