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The buffalo was everything to my ancestors- food, clothing, shelter, tools, weapons, cooking utensils,and food storage. A true gift of creation, and one that gave everything of itself for the survival of the people. Buffalo represents respect, gratitude, prayer and abundance.

We all have gifts that we are meant to share to help one another. In healing ourselves these natural gifts emerge.

In my own healing journey I attended sweatlodge in the traditional Native culture and experienced profound and postitive changes. I lost 35 lbs without effort of diet or exercise. I was active in participating in preparation of the lodge ceremony, which entailed gathering wood, rocks, hauling water and medicinal plants. As I let go of negative emotional distress and trauma from past and worked on forgiveness in all areas of my life, my digestion improved, I felt lighter and less stressed. I felt my heart chakra open like a blosoming flower; my very resonance shift and raise.

I discovered that my gift can be shared with others, in that I can provide a safe environment to support and facilitate the release of negative emotions that contribute to illness.

We are not only physical beings, but also mental, emotiona;l and spiritual beings. Pain is experienced when we are out of balance in one or all of these areas. In letting go we become more whole.

The purpose of this group is to nurture our gifts by learning how to let go of that which doesn't serve our higher good, and connect with likeminded individuals who are on a journey to heal themselves and others. Those who have an interest in Traditional Native Healing, Reiki, Massage, Energy work, Healing arts are welcome to share these experiences.

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Honouring the Ancestors Healing Lodge

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What to Expect: · The medicine sweat lodge is a healing ceremony. With drums, shakers, song and prayer, we are encouraged to let go of negative emotions, energies that hold us back from living life in compassion and joy. · The ceremony will take a minimum of 2-3 hours, followed by a potluck meal. · Rocks are heated in a large fire outside, and brought into the lodge several at a time. · The door is closed; water is splashed on the rocks to create a medicinal, healing steam. · The ceremony is done in four rounds, each lasting 15-20 minutes, or the duration of 4 songs. The door is opened and those wishing to stretch their legs, get a drink of water may do so. What to wear: · This is an outdoor experience, so dress appropriately to spend time outdoors. · Men wear bathing suit and towel inside the lodge; women traditionally wear long skirt or wrap with a tee shirt, or dress, or nightgown. · Metal objects should be not be brought into the lodge(jewelry) What to bring: · Tobacco is given as an offering. Tobacco is used to honour the spirits, bless the fire, rocks etc. A pouch of loose tobacco or pack of cigarettes is appropriate. Donation or honorarium to offset the cost of operations. An appropriate energy exchange is important, including skills or talents that contribute to lodge operations. ·Optional “Prints” are offerings of coloured broadcloth, usually 1 meter, any colour but black or grey. · towel · Drinking water · Potluck dish · Change of clothes** Basic Rules: · Women on their moon time( menstrual cycle) are traditionally asked not to attend the sweat lodge. No drugs (other than prescription) or alcohol consumption for two days prior.

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Equinox Healing Lodge

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