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Solstice Pyramid Retreat
Join us for an exciting line up of activities designed to allow positive transformation in sacred space, at the energizing Marna Lake Pyramid. Situated at the gateway to the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta, this magical environment offers sanctuary as we experience diverse modalities. We open, release, raise awareness and vibration with each step, guided by gifted and talented facilitators. Grounding, shielding, healing, nourishing, revitalizing, effectively transforming low vibrational traumas, dramas, emotional baggage. Clearing the slate so to speak, then creating a vision board, designing the future we truly desire. Tent Camping onsite included. Bathrooms, showers, BBQ, fully equipped kitchen. Meals are potluck, so bring a favourite dish or some ingredients to share. Cohosts Dana Rust of Jade Soetaert of Shirley Bateman of Judy Weilenga of 1000wattsworkshops. Joanne Bean of Pyramid Keeper Jens Steenberg of Contact Joanne for more details or to secure your spot. [masked] [masked]

Marna Lake Pyramid

Hwy 775 · Beaver Mines , AB


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The buffalo was everything to my ancestors- food, clothing, shelter, tools, weapons, cooking utensils,and food storage. A true gift of creation, and one that gave everything of itself for the survival of the people. Buffalo represents respect, gratitude, prayer and abundance.

We all have gifts that we are meant to share to help one another. In healing ourselves these natural gifts emerge.

In my own healing journey I attended sweatlodge in the traditional Native culture and experienced profound and postitive changes. I lost 35 lbs without effort of diet or exercise. I was active in participating in preparation of the lodge ceremony, which entailed gathering wood, rocks, hauling water and medicinal plants. As I let go of negative emotional distress and trauma from past and worked on forgiveness in all areas of my life, my digestion improved, I felt lighter and less stressed. I felt my heart chakra open like a blosoming flower; my very resonance shift and raise.

I discovered that my gift can be shared with others, in that I can provide a safe environment to support and facilitate the release of negative emotions that contribute to illness.

We are not only physical beings, but also mental, emotiona;l and spiritual beings. Pain is experienced when we are out of balance in one or all of these areas. In letting go we become more whole.

The purpose of this group is to nurture our gifts by learning how to let go of that which doesn't serve our higher good, and connect with likeminded individuals who are on a journey to heal themselves and others. Those who have an interest in Traditional Native Healing, Reiki, Massage, Energy work, Healing arts are welcome to share these experiences.

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