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The Druid Network International Full Moon Peace Intention Ritual

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The Druid Network International Full Moon Peace Intention Ritual:

Members of the Druid Network are currently working on the wording for a Peace Intention Ritual, to raise some positive energies to help with the various conflicts around the world at this time. The ritual will be first tried on the full moon on this sunday 10 / 08/ 14. If you would like to be involved, could you please register your intent to do so on this thread. The actual wording will be disclosed nearer the time. Thank you

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The Druid Network International Full Moon Peace Intention Ritual.

It is claimed in the classical writings that the Druids held the power to stop armies engaging in combat and that may have been because one of their priorities was peace. Today's Druids wield nether the power or influence of the classical Druids but our priorities remain the same.

The achievement of peace is a central aim within today's Druidic communities. It is with this in mind that The Druid Network has, at this time, now engaged in spiritual work to help bring about peace, not just on the local scale like the classical Druids, but on a worldwide scale enabled by the technology of today.

We therefore invite anyone and everyone to engage with us in our aims, through the use of our International Full Moon Peace Intention Ritual. This ritual, which will be held on the full moon of each month, is suitable for use on its own or in conjunction with any other type of ritual. It can be done on an individual basis or through a community based ritual.

Travel is unnecessary, just putting aside a place and time is all that is required. Ideally, the aim is for people to engage with the ritual at the time of the full moon. However, life does not normally allow for such specific timing, therefore we would request that you aim to do the ritual within the 12 hour period either prior to or just after the full moon if you cannot do the ritual at the specific timing of the full moon.

We have worded this ritual to have no specific political or religious favour, it is a ritual for peace without taking sides.

The Ritual
First we would suggest that everyone starts with the calls for peace in each direction.
“May there be peace in the east,
may there be peace in the south,
may there be peace in the west,
may there be peace in the north,
may there be peace in the whole world.”

After that we suggest each individual or group proceed with whatever ritual opening they usually use and when that is complete use the following:

We honour the fallen,
Those who chose to fight,
And those who had no choice,
Those whose fate it was to die in conflict.
We honour and remember them.
(pause to honour and remember those known and unknown who have died in conflict.)

We stand in the web of life, each of us connected to each other.

Our thoughts and deeds ripple outwards across that web.
(pause to reach out and feel our connections to each other and the web of life)

Today we stand for peace, today we act for peace.
Let each of us be a channel for peace.
Peace in our hearts.
Peace in our lives.
Peace in the world.
(pause and focus on being a channel for peace and radiating that peace out across the world)

After that we suggest closing your ritual in whatever is your normal fashion.

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