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Slí An Chroí (Irish Gaelic, pronounced "schlee-on-khree" and meaning "Pathway Of The Heart") is the shamanic setting by husband and wife, John Cantwell and Karen Ward. They are established shamanic healers, teachers, ceremonialists and authors. They have a dedicated community space in Dublin city centre on Smithfield Square and they also facilitate residential teaching cycles in Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, (Irish Centre For Shamanic Studies) and Mucklagh Lodge, Co. Wicklow. Annually, they bring the Irish-Celtic tradition abroad, lead expeditions and they host international gatherings in Ireland.
From their Dublin centre, there are monthly men's circle and women's circle gatherings. These are precious occasions for celebrating and healing the unique journey in all of us, be us man or woman. There are also gatherings open to all, who wish to celebrate the natural turning of the year in a contemporary, indigenous way. These include solstice and equinox times as well as the festivals of Imbolc (Spring), Bealtaine (Summer), Lughnasadh (Autumn) and Samhain (Winter).
Sli An Chroí is also a dedicated shamanic training community whereby those called to restore an indigenous strength to their lives are offered single day, weekend and evening opportunities to do so. In many of these events, no previous formal shamanic experience is required. The way of the shaman is non religious and free of dogma. it is a path that empowers those of all faiths and none. The retrieval of innate power and wisdom through an embrace of the 'natural self' and the living energies of the natural world about us is a journey for which we are all made and already qualified.
John and Karen bring widespread experience, qualification and warmth to their leadership. Since 2004, Slí An Chroí has established itself as a place of welcome and development for those who wish to live and thrive from the energy of their hearts. People of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities are welcome.
As John and Karen are fond of saying "when you come into our space, you are coming into a space dedicated to you and you are coming to work with a brilliant healer and teacher....yourself". Slí An Chroí is our commitment to offering the native Irish-Celtic tradition of charging mind, body, spiritual health through Nature. This tradition values compassion, integrity, community, growth and celebration.

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