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Go meetup, December edition

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Jure and Matic Ž.


It's time of the year when gophers meet again, just in time before the parties start. We have two talks planned and after them there will be time to socialize, chat and we'll also make sure not to leave you hungry or thirsty.


• gRPC with Go: gracefully replacing Python code, Nejc Bizjak, Bitstamp.

After introduction to gRPC framework, we will explain how our team at Bitstamp successfully used it to move the core part of a monolith Python matching engine to a microservice written in Go.

• Taking out the trash: An introduction to state of the art garbage collectors of today and their use in Go and JVM, Miha Eleršič, Zemanta.

After a short overview of basic principles of garbage collection in managed memory runtimes we will focus on the comparison of Go's approach to the recent developments in JVM.

Celovška 32 · Ljubljana