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This is a meetup to find fellow Christians interested in doing slow, careful Bible reading/study together. The idea would be we would read the Bible together rather slowly/carefully, making sure everyone understands what is being said, looking up any words we don't know, and perhaps paraphrasing confusing verses in plain English to be sure we are all on the same page. Also talking about what meaning is being revealed to us, and doing research when needed to help us understand what is being said. I will be transparent and say that I am a baby Christian and don't have a lot of Bible wisdom to impart here really, this will be more about learning together than learning from me. I just know that I want to dive into the Bible and that right now I see it going better if I dive into it with others, at least to some extent, as opposed to trying to do it only alone. The reason I am doing this meetup as opposed to going to some group where they do Bible read-alongs is that I tend to get lost in these sorts of read-alongs, I just don't follow the Old English that well and I feel I need more time than is provided in these sorts of groups to really process and take in what is being said. If this sounds like something you might benefit from or would want to try, please join this meetup! I look forward to meeting you. Be blessed in Jesus' name.

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