What we're about

SLOW SPOKES, a subculture of the North Carolina Bicycle Club, Inc.

Founded in 2005

You don’t have to be a member of NCBC to ride with us

There are no fees to ride with us

Helmets are required on all rides and riders must sign a liability waiver each year


Mentor riders of all levels

Provide opportunities for riders to enjoy recreational rides and advance to faster riding paces

Bicycle riding group for cyclists who prefer to ride at a relaxed pace, enjoy themselves and support one another. We usually offer several riding paces/groups on each ride.

Everyone is welcome to join Slow Spokes rides if you want to ride in a group and be a team player. If you like to shoot ahead, do your own thing or you do not like waiting on other riders, you would be better suited riding with another group.



Recreational ride for fun

Learn how to ride in a group

Ride together at the fastest pace the slowest rider in that group can maintain


Provide an organized ride benefiting all members of the pace line

To ride as one smooth element, not as individual riders

Each riding group builds a team of riders


A 20+mph
A- 18-20mph
B 16-18mph
C 14-16mph
D 12-14 mph

This is the average pace to maintain for the duration of the ride.


Most Slow Spokes rides follow a strict NO DROP policy.

That means the group slows down if someone is not able to maintain the pace (most frequently used)

The group may also agree to wait at turns for others to catch up or spread out and regroup at specific points (rest stops) along the route

A single rider will not be left to ride alone unless by your own request

Z paced rides may be DROP rides

To ensure no riders are dropped, you should choose a group that you can maintain the pace of the group for the entire ride


Some rides may be DROP if agreed upon by the group

Pick up rides may be DROP or NO DROP


Please arrive in time to prepare your bike to leave at the ride start time listed.

All riders should carry proper equipment in case they have a flat or mechanical issues (spare tube, pump, CO2 cartridge, multi-tool).

All bicycle types (road, hybrid, mountain, tri bikes (for experienced riders) are welcomed as long as they are in good working condition.

It is strongly recommended that you carry your driver's license, health insurance card (or copies) and a note containing emergency contact information in case of an emergency. You may also want to program your cell phone with an emergency contact number under the name "ICE" In Case of Emergency. The note containing emergency contact information mentioned above may be used if your cell phone has a pass code or becomes inoperable following a crash. Another helpful item is a RoadID. Please also review Bicycling Hand Signal and Safety Pointers (http://files.meetup.com/14311802/BicyclingHandSignals.pdf) and group riding techniques and safety information (http://files.meetup.com/14311802/Group%20Riding%20Tips-Paceline%20Riding.pdf).

Please print, sign and bring with you a liability waiver (http://files.meetup.com/14311802/SS-Liability%20Waiver.pdf) if you are riding with our group for the first time.

If you would like to lead a ride or help mentor new riders, please contact me through this site. I welcome having your assistance fulfilling our important mission. : ) If you have any questions, you may send me a message through this site.

Slow Spokes: Bike Rides, at a Sensible Pace!

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Slow Spokes B Ride (17-18 MPH). Dinner afterwards.

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Slow Spokes Group A- Dinner afterwards!!

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