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Christmas event! Moving from the coast of Galicia to the inland
Do we need to choose the wine by complement or contrast? Which characteristics are we expecting from both wine and food? A certified sommelier will explain how to pair wine and food successfully and guide you through the wine/food selection process giving technical explanations and highlighting the main features expected in the pairings. This time, we travel from Galicia to the inland. From the land of Albariño pairing with delicious seafood to the red wines of D.O. Toro. With everything thought carefully and in detail, we will enhance the cultural experience with the home-made local food. The event includes sharing a table with like-minded people who enjoy a slow lifestyle, informed discussion with a sommelier, and a tasting of four wines with gourmet side dishes. Come and share around the table the benefits of life at a slow pace.

101 Northumberland House

Wellesley Road · Sutton

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