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What we’re about

Do you enjoy deep, honest and respectful conversations of fundamental human questions? If yes, then you will love this Meetup!

The more diverse the individual participants, the broader our collective perspective. Everyone is welcome! The only requirements are a willingness to listen respectfully, and to be open to what people have to say - even if you disagree.

Minimal facilitation is provided by the organizer, if and when deemed necessary. On some occasions it may be helpful to reflect on the conversation to get a better understanding of the process. This is usually done by consensus.

We ask questions and share ideas to stimulate critical thinking. We enrich ourselves with the perspectives of others, not to convince others about our own perspectives. SlowTalk is about our own experiences, ideas and ambitions in life and not necessarily what scientists or philosophers may have said or written. We are not a debating club or a platform for proselytizing. No previous knowledge or academic training are required to participate. Your interest and enthusiasm to engage constructively with others are sufficient.

Give yourself a nudge and come along to join us. Staying within your comfort zone is boring.

Slow Talk

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