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This is a virtual meeting that will be held via zoom:

With so many small businesses shut down and with continuous disappointment in government support for small business owners. I created this group to share my combined experience and knowledge to help small business owners get back on track.

Cashflow is tight for many across the nation causing jobs to be lost, expenses to be cut and marketing to be reduced or cancelled.

I understand how expensive marketing can be especially when you are paying premium pricing for marketing companies to run and manage your ads. Which doesn't include the cost of ad spend.

In this group I will be sharing with you how to use the power of facebook pages, groups, how to advertise & self manage your ads through facebook for your small business.

The BIGGEST mistake business owners make, is that they cancel any forms of marketing that generates leads.
Canceling lead generated marketing is that last thing I want you to do with your business.
Doing so ensures loss in cashflow, drained savings and high risk of going out of business.

For those business owners who are trying to find a solution to bootstrap and stay in business I created these topics to be discussed.

-Difference between Search based marketing (google - SEO) vs Interruption based marketing (Facebook)

-How to Run & Manage Facebook Ads

-What Sales Funnels Are & How They Can Increase your business's Leads & Sales

-The Best FREE Resources To Bootstrap Your Businesses Marketing

-How to Leverage Facebook Pages, Groups & Building Email Lists

-The Small Business Shift - Preparing Your Small Business For The Future

I will share with you WHY facebook is my preferred advertising platform method and how you can take advantage of today's situation for your businesses benefit even if your doors are closed.

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