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The main purpose of this group is to facilitate discussions, brainstorming sessions and structured working sessions that will help small business owners, entrepreneurs or soon-to-be entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate teams or consultants review their areas of work, business processes, challenges.

BRING ANY BUSINESS PROCESS OR PROBLEM AREA to discuss at the weekly or monthly outcome-oriented, focused working sessions.

In Business, "Everything can be measured and improved. Opportunities are everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see them and act on them."

In these professionally facilitated meetups/working sessions, we will ensure that you come with ONE Business Problem or Process and walk out with knowledge on Business Strategies, Change Management, Business Tools and an Action Plan or Process Improvement Plan. You will be networking with other business owners and professionals too.

Please see the details in the brochure attached. There are no constraints on the business areas you want to brainstorm. Business processes for review for your business may include but not limited to:

1. Customer Service 2. Referral process 3. Client Acquisition 4. Business Networking 5. Marketing and Sales 6. Product Selection 7. Business Development 8. Pricing Strategy 9. Process Automation 10. Benchmarking 11. Statistical Analysis 12. Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) 13. Competition Analysis 14. Voice of Customer 15. Information Technology 16. Software Applications for Business 17. OR BRING YOUR OWN BUSINESS PROCESS, PROBLEM AREA TO REVIEW AND BRAINSTORM FOR POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS

We will conduct these meetups in a well-equipped meeting room in Victoria, and all the sessions will be professionally facilitated by experts with over 15 years of experience in public/private sector businesses and corporate organizations. A well-defined schedule and agenda will be sent to the members in advance.

Please join the group if you are willing to be part of this cost-effective way of reviewing your business performance, business processes and walk away with robust solutions and action plans.

How does it work?

- Simply pick a problem area or your business process for review and join us at the structured working session.

- The group facilitator will apply effective ways and tools to brainstorm and review processes.

- Applying the SARR (Select-Attend-Review-Reengineer) model, potential solutions will be brainstormed.

- You can join as an individual participant or bring a team of up to 7 people.

- All the work products, process maps, and other outputs from the workshop will be provided.

- Free consultation and help with the documentation to complete the Action Plan and Process Improvement Plan

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