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SEGC is Small, Emerging Growth Companies. Created and run for solopreneurs and small businesses, we work on three principles: Learning, Supporting and Connecting and is designed to be a catalyst to connect providers and entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities. Members agree that connecting is more than collecting business cards; it entails knowing and understanding your market; reaching out and getting to know people; talking and listening as well as helping them. We hold monthly meetings (every 3rd Thursday) and strive for all to leave wiser and smarter than when they showed up.

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Twin Cities SEGC August Virtual Webshop with Derek Sussner

Hi All, We’re thrilled to announce that DEREK SUSSNER will be our speaker for our Thursday August-20 virtual workshop or, webshop. THE DISCUSSION How to Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out If you’re like most businesses, you are not effectively answering the question: “What do you do?” And with what’s happened in the world over the past several months, you may now need to refine your answer. If people don’t understand why they need your products or how your services will solve their problem, then you are missing out on opportunities. In this workshop, Derek Sussner—Founder and Executive Creative Director of Sussner Design Company and StoryBrand Certified Guide—will show you how to clarify your messaging, and share examples of companies he’s worked with to help their brands stand out. Whether you're working on your company, your team, or your personal brand, the steps and tools Derek will share will help you get your messaging right so your marketing is more effective. And you get to practice as well. Learn how to reset your pipeline, tap into resources for solopreneurs and small businesses and how you can craft a creative solution for these new challenges. I would, as usual like to thank our sponsors that provide support. either in kind or donations to help us continue to raise the Twin Cities SEGC bar and our community. Sponsors for 2020 are; Jan-March (including April): Mike Bamonti, KEG Consulting; May-July: Terry Wu, Neuro Marketing Services; August-October: Gayle Noakes, Supervisor Success; November-December: Jill Rywelski; The Reserve. If you are interested in being a Twin Cities SEGC sponsor, please contact me as soon as possible and I will provide details. Twin Cities SEGC is all about solopreneurs and small businesses, but mostly you, the person on your own. Make sure you visit our new website, theSEGC.com. A lot of the stuff that is coming into our inboxes is for companies and is not for us. But there is other stuff, so help please our community; if you see or hear anything that will benefit SEGC attendees SPECIFICALLY, please post them on our Linkedin group. We look forward to seeing you soon. Best wishes to all and PLEASE... Stay distanced, stay sanitized and stay healthy! Best wishes, Peter M. Beaumont Twin Cities SEGC President

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