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What if we had an affordable alternative to high housing costs in desirable urban areas?

One solution is a community of small homes. The concept is not new. People have built some very beautiful and highly functional small homes to simplify their lives and to reduce their housing costs.

Our idea is a mini-village of 400 square feet small homes—a very livable home with a full-size bathroom, standard size bedroom, full kitchen and ample living space. Placing multiple homes on a single lot spreads the cost of land and site costs.

What if we could reduce the cost of construction by converting shipping containers into these homes?

Containers are strong, durable and provide a wonderful start to construction. Used containers are inexpensive and plentiful, the subfloor is already there, they become weather tight as soon as the doors and windows are installed, and internal walls may be prebuilt with because all containers are exactly the same size. This translates to a 25% construction cost advantage and a time-to-build savings of weeks. Container-built-homes are allowed everywhere residential housing is permitted because they comply with all zoning and building codes.

Containers are easily modified, stacked, or arranged in a variety of configurations. With siding and roof structurers, these homes do not have to look like containers. Or you may want a unique design that catches the eye and accents the features of a container--depends upon the neighborhood.

We have built two model homes in our warehouse in Hayward, California. Our next step is to purchase an urban in-fill parcel to build our first project of 4 or more small homes. These homes will prove market acceptance, actual costs, time to build and demonstrate compliance with all building requirements.

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