What we're about

This meetup is for people who are keen to understand more on real estate investment, particularly on the 1 and 2 bedrooms type of properties, before they plunge in...

Some of you may say... I can look up those information myself and why do I need to spend time for this kind of meetup?

Well, the value of these meetups is that we will have experience real estate experts to help answer some of your immediate questions and we will run simple sharing sessions session with you on some real estate policies, guidelines, trends that are commonly overlooked by investors and layman who are new to such investment. For example:

(1) Do you know how to calculate rental yield?
(2) Do you know the typical payment process for a new launch?
(3) Do you know how to get back your ABSD?
(4) Do you know which properties are selling like hot cakes and why people are snapping up all the 1 to 2 bedders in this current market?
(5) Do you know what it takes for you to invest here if you are a foreigner?
(6) Do you know you can still buy a condo even if you own a HDB flat?
(7) Do you know what you can do with a 1 and 2 bedders apart from renting it out?

... so on and so forth...

If some of these questions bother you... or if you are looking for some ideas on where you can best invest in real estates, come and join us for a meetup and learn somethings...

Note that this is not a meetup to push you to buy properties... we want to educate and help you make an informed decisions in your property investment; And this meetup group is meant only for non-property agents...

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