Prototypes: How, when and why?

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Exciting times - you have an idea that you think will be the next big business! But before you quit your job or pivot your company, you will need a prototype to see if your idea has legs.

Building a prototype can be hard: What’s it going to look like? What should be included in the prototype? What results are you aiming for? Who can help you?

For this Smart Cookies Meetup, we will be looking at the difference between MVPs and prototypes, how prototypes are used by larger businesses (not just startups!) and how to start building a prototype. We will be drawing on an expert panel from UX designers to product builders to answer your questions…


Our expert panel (more to be announced soon)

Daniel Pidcock is a UK based User Experience Consultant. In his career, he has led projects for major brands such as Just Eat and Clarks, worked with many innovative start-ups and even founded and sold a few of his own. He is a passionate advocate for Atomic Research and is working on a tool called, a scalable research repository to help companies make their UX knowledge usable.

Marketeer, business manager and co-founder of CookiesHQ , Nat is the go-to woman for planning and strategic growth. She has over 8 years experience working with companies who are looking to build a digital prototype to test their business idea, and helps them to scale their products once the prototype is validated. Nat’s strength lies in her ability to provide clarity to entrepreneurs who are looking for actionable steps to achieve growth.

Huw Robson is Innovation Director for The Product Partnership, a group of Bristol’s leading physical product design and prototyping agencies. With a long career in tech R&D including start-ups and corporates, from what became Imagination Technologies to many years as Research Director for Hewlett Packard Labs, Huw has plenty of experience in technology development and prototyping. He also spent 5 years as a Design Advisor for The Design Programme, a business support programme helping and mentoring SMEs across the SW with strategic design management.

Helen Tanner is the founder of Data3. Hels is a data fanatic born into the corporate world, before setting up a data agency in 2017. Data3 do magic with data...from untangling data getting data into one place…to creating cool powering predictive AI and ML product development. They work in the UK & Middle East helping high-growth, super ambitious SMEs to grow even faster-using data. Their data product for SMEs is at prototype stage with the beta version in development for launch in the next few months.


If you are building a business, this is a fantastic Meetup to learn, network and share your knowledge.