Shawn Wildermuth on Node.js for .NET developers

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Shawn is on a world tour from the US and we've managed to snag him for Hereford. This is our second July event so we'll take a break for August.

This presentation is based on the Pluralsight Node.js online course as follows.

I’ve produced a brand-new course for Pluralsight ( about Node.js specifically for .NET developers. This course covers using Node.js with Visual Studio as well as the command-line tools. It compares and contrasts .NET technologies to their Node.js equivalents.

The point of the course is to walk you through creating an entire small website with Node.js and teaching you along the way (similar to my End-to-End ASP.NET course on Pluralsight). It includes:

• What is Node.js?

• Building a Website with Node.js

• Accessing Data with Node.js

• Building an API with Node.js

• Using Angular.js with Node.js

• Securing Node.js

• Real-time Communication with Node.js

If you’re already a Pluralsight subscriber, I welcome you to check it out:

About Shawn

Shawn Wildermuth is an eight-time Microsoft MVP (C#), member of the INETA Speaker’s Bureau and an author of six books and dozens of articles on .NET.