Automation/A.I. and Regulation


Will this be the Roaring 20s for Automation and A.I.?
Or will the next decade see new Regulations that restrict the wide scale deployment of machine learning algorithms?

This is an interactive panel discussion facilitated by Nikki Ahlgren (, from Hollstadt Consulting.

Bob Arens (
Stephanie Fox (
LaVern Pritchard (
Kashif Riaz (
Damien Riehl (

What industries or capabilities will test Regulators?
Who or what will need protecting in the following example scenarios?

IoT data collection & predictive consumer modeling i.e. Privacy

Human decision-augmentation and assignment of liabilities e.g. Autonomous vehicles within Smart Cities

New Cloud-based supply chain ecosystems e.g. Uber

Impact of distributed ledgers and the need for institutional oversight e.g. Crypto Currencies

Meeting will start at 5.30pm

Food and beverages will be provided by the sponsors.