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The Peer-to-Peer Financial Evolution is upon us. Anybody that is frustrated with the current "top-down" economic structure is encouraged to join us at the SmartCash Cincinnati Meetup. This is a decentralized, grassroots, monetary movement. There will be learning, sharing and snacking. World-changing advancements have been taking place within the cryptocurrency & blockchain technology space, and SmartCash is at the forefront. Join us.

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SmartCash Cincy Crypto MeetUp 1/23


There shall be snacks & Chick-fil-a Nuggets to properly celebrate this first SmartCash Cincy gathering, and the CovWorx Castle in Covington is the perfect place and have been kind enough to host it. I'm excited to share with everyone what this cryptocurrency project has been up to. I'll present the in's and out's of SmartCash. You'll get to see some of the latest advancements in crypto usability through tutorials on how to set up and use a SmartWallet. You'll get to see this Financial Disruptor Tech in action. There will also be Open discussions, Collaborating and Networking. All Voluntary:)

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