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SmartMesh is a blockchain based underlying protocol of Internet of Things. SmartMesh has built-in blockchain light nodes, and extends the Raiden and Lightning Networks second layer architecture network protocols allowing internet-free digital payments and transactions. Utilizing blockchain-based token incentives (SMT), SmartMesh technology allows the formation of agile, decentralized Mesh Networks that can self-repair and have higher near-field speeds and bandwidth than standard Internet connections. SmartMesh allows blockchain to break through the Internet boundary into the IoT (Internet of things) and IoE (Internet of Everything) era where all things are connected.
MeshBox is the actual hardware also that also provides routing, storage and more with in build Blockchain light node.
Our open sourced Blockchain is called Spectrum, and the open sources payment channel network is call SmartRaiden.
All available on our Github.

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SmartMesh layer2 solution webinar

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