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The purpose of this Meetup is to bring together those with a passion for technology, whether you consider yourself a hacker, technical enthusiast, or just enjoy technology for its own sake.

Technology can be amazing. But with every major advancement there are new challenges, new questions and new threats. More and more we find ourselves using systems to do things we didn't ask them to, being tracked in ways that make us uncomfortable or simply not knowing who is getting access to our data. Come discuss these issues and more with other members of this growing technology community at the next Smash the Stack meetup!

We will have speakers who talk about hacking and technology issues, including topics such as software security, red-teaming, offensive security, blue-teaming, reverse engineering, malware analysis, RF hacking, OSINT, social-engineering, fuzzing, exploit development, surveillance and much more.

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Smash The Stack - Basics of Web Exploitation

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Smash The Stack

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