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Do you want to socialize with awesome young professionals like yourself? Do you want to be part of a great circle of friends? Smiley social is the answer.
We get together to do all sort of social activities like Soccer, Volleyball, Movies, Tennis, Ping pong, Badminton, Yoga, Running, Volunteering, Live music, Dancing, Kickball, Karaoke, Partying and etc. Please join and come to our meetup with a smile!

By joining Smiley Social Meetup group or participating in any events organized by the group in any apps, You agree to the terms and conditions at the following links:

1) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W2mq-7m99lmvd7gdWYaSUFtvVg4UGnzV6koafAbHmco

2) https://www.meetup.com/Smiley-Social/messages/boards/thread/51486042

Important rules:
1- You must have a real picture of yourself for profile photo in which your face is visible.
2- Your name on your profile must match the name you introduce yourself to the members.
3- We are very strict with attendance and a member will be banned from group in one No-Show. Members who attended more than 20 events ( different types of events and not only one type of event) may get a second chance.
4- You should unRSVP at least 12 hours prior to the event if you can't make it. This applies to you even if you are on the waitlist and cant go anymore.
5- If you didn't sign up for an event or you are in the waitlist and your status doesn't change to "Going", you should not show up without the host permission.
6- You must respect other members and don't make them uncomfortable by any means. If anything or anyone made you uncomfortable in any of our events, you should report it to the organizers.
7- You must avoid texting to the members whom you don't know and never met in person.
8- You must fully cooperate with the event hosts and be very respectful toward them. If host of event doesn't know you, find the host in event and introduce yourself so he/she doesn't flag you as no-show.
9- You must read the description of events carefully and follow the event sepecific rules mentioned in description.
10- You must be 18+ to join our activities.

Upcoming events (5)

6v6 Volleyball - Intermediate

Location visible to members

What: 6v6 grass volleyball. Cap at 14 people this week. Everyone is moved to the waitlist automatically and moved to going by the host. When: Wednesday At 6 pm - we get tired. Weather permitting. Where: Virginia Highlands Park, Pentagon City (we will set up near the tennis courts because of their lights - can play after dark) Cost: Free! Woot! Unfortunately, we have a very limited number of spots and we can't accept everyone on the waitlist. Preference will be given to regular players and those who meet the Smiley Social "Intermediate" skill level. Make sure you are on the Going list before attending. If you cannot make the event please unRSVP before the day of the event. No shows will be reported to Smiley Social management and may result in your removal from the group. Please only RSVP if you can make the event. You are at Smiley Social "Intermediate" level if: 1) You can overhand serve 3 times in a row over the net without missing. 2) You can receive (overhand 3 times and bump 3 times) in a row and direct the ball to the setter. 3) You can set 3 times in a row to the person you intended to set. 4) You can spike 2 times in a row over the net with proper arm swing and footwork. 5) You can implement all of these skills in a real game. Learn more about our skill levels: https://www.meetup.com/Smiley-Social/messages/boards/thread/52940347?fbclid=IwAR3g-Hfh3bujxv4vIKJCI7FnlxSPqyzenqxpRKWAL76oxW6paZ_fTMW5EnY If you have questions please direct them to the event host and they will get back to you when they can.

Beginner Runners: Core Muscles, and Running; (5 People Max)

Washington-Liberty High School

Beginner Runners Beginner Runners, Running correctly is not all about legs, in this event we will focus on core strengthening in addition to running. I'll also discuss ankle and knee importance for running. Cost: Free Ground: Track Foliage Coverage: 0% Distance: Varies Elevation Change: Minimal Expected Temp: 60 Hazards: None Location for the meetup: Washington Liberty High School Track Bring your own water/hydration and nutrition replenishment Session: Warm Up, Warm Up Jog, Muscles and Flexibility, Running, Core Muscles, Ankles and Knees, Cool Down *You are a Smiley Beginner Runner if (Max runs ~4 miles) Run an average of 0-10 miles per week (No/Limited Experience) No experience with warm up/ drills/ cool down No experience with running mechanics Do not know limits of yourself needed for water and nutrient replenishment Do not have knowledge on the proper equipment for sustained running *You are a Smiley Advanced Runner if (Max runs ~8 miles) Run an average of 15-30 miles per week (Some Running Experience) Some experience with warm up/ drills/ cool down Some experience with running mechanics Know limits of yourself needed for water and nutrient replenishment Have proper equipment (correct shoes, running socks, compression etc.) *You are a Smiley Intermediate Runner if (Max runs ~15 miles) Run an average of 25+ miles per week (Knowledgeable Running Experience) Know warm up/ drills/ cool down Know running mechanics Know water and nutrient replenishment Have proper equipment Sustained Pace and Cadence Running

4x4 grass volleyball

James Lee School Site Park

4x4 grass volleyball. Recurring, weather permitting. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of spots and we can't accept everyone on the waitlist. Make sure you are on the Going list before attending. - FIRST-TIMERS: message the event host (Max, https://secure.meetup.com/messages/?new_convo=true&member_id=106438042&name=Max) about your experience in volleyball. - We pick people based on their skills+attitude+attendance combination. It is NOT first come, first served. We try to add a couple of first-timers each time. - Keep your RSVP up to date. Removing yourself from the Going list less than 4 hours before the event might result in flagging you as a "noshow".

Beginners Croquet (12 People Max)

Quincy Park

Let’s play Croquet Let’s get together and play some Croquet In single and team matches. I will cover how to play with the basic rules for Croquet. You do not need to bring any equipment. Weather Permitting Max 12 players (2 fields of 6 players) Level: Social, Beginner We will play on the grass area of Quincy Park and exact location will be updated prior. Afterwards we may go for a drink and some food.

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4x4 grass volleyball

James Lee School Site Park

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