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Outdoor Intermediate Coed Soccer- (32 people Max)
Let’s get together at Quincy park to play outdoor soccer! Cost: Free Level: Intermediate to Advanced You are at intermediate level if you are able to at least: 1- Pass to feet 3 times in a row from distance. 2- Receive a pass successfully while in motion. 3- Trap the ball from the air without using feet. 4- Dribble without looking at your feet. If you are not sure what is your level please attend our beginners soccer meetup and we will determine your level there. Important rules: 1- Please bring one white and one black t-shirt, this is mandatory to make teams. 2- In one of the water breaks we will have a quick attendance in order to determine the no-shows. If a person reaches 2 or 3 no-shows, that person may be banned from meetup temporarily or permanently. 3- Dangerous play won't be tolerated even if it's not a foul. The host will give you notice if you play dangerously with slide tackles, stomping on other players' legs or going toward people in a careless way. You need to be very considerate while playing and if the host thinks you won't get better in playing safe he/she may ask you to not come to soccer. 4. We have a 12-hour un-RSVP policy. If you are marked going and you decide not to go, you need to change your RSVP at least 12 hours before the event. RSVPs changed under 12 hours can be considered no-show and count towards a ban. 5. Do NOT show up at the event if you are not on the RSVP list. If you show and you are not marked going, you will not be allowed to play. Multiple occurrences of this and you will be removed from the group. If you are bringing a friend make sure you added an RSVP spot for them or they will not be allowed to play.

Quincy Park

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1- You must be 18+ to join our activities.
2- You must unRSVP at least 12 hours prior to the event if you cant make it. We are very strict with attendance and if a member reaches to 2 noshows, We will let him/her go.
3-If you are in the wait list and your status doesn't change to "Going", please do not show up to the event.
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5- You must have a real picture of yourself for profile photo such that people can identify you in the events. If you can't have your real picture, you need to provide a good reason.
6- Please do not ask the organizers for ride, we do not manage rides. If you need a ride you can post on the meetup asking for ride to see if someone volunteers to give you ride.

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