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Hi all, Been out for a movie alone? to a newly opened restaurant alone? been for short picnic alone? Awkward no? want to see that movie but nobody to tag along with . sounds familiar . ya this is the story of many singletons . we want to enjoy with friends but our friends are busy with their families. can go alone but its not fun correct? so why not gather many singletons and enjoy together . this is the thought with which i have started this group and i aim to make it awesome. though it is for singles , the group is different. we are NOT looking out for partners nor this is matchmaking or dating group at all. we are happy with our status and want to celebrate singlehood together. small innocent pleasures like going out for meals, for movies, for short picnics etc. Dont let life pass you by . enjoy life while you can. after the Do's there r some dont's too , strictly no alcohol parties or even at outings in this group. no married people welcome. we invite decent people and expect decent behaviour from all . otherwise this group belongs to all those who wish to give suggestions. make your dreams come true with us.

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