Six Flags Fiesta Texas Water Park!


Hello friends! Let's go to Six Flags for some thrilling fun! We can go ride the Scream, Iron Rattler, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more! Plus the water park will be open for even more fun in the sun with friends. As they say, "Go Big or Go Home!"

The normal 1-day ticket costs about $63/adult when ordered online at least 24-hours before you plan to go to the park.

*Anyone who has a Season Pass or a Membership: if you are willing to use your "50% off Friend Ticket" or any other discount for admittance for anyone without a Pass or Membership please leave a comment stating what type of discount you can use*

**We will meet at Ryan's apartment and then carpool to Six Flags from there**

***Please follow these instructions exactly as they are written so you do not get lost: The location is near Evers Rd and the Loop 410 Freeway. The complex will have colorful flags near the entrance of the parking lot that GPS directs you to. Assuming that this is the front of the complex, it's easiest to pass the GPS destination on the access road of the Loop 410 Freeway. After the complex but before Fiesta Inn and Suites is a street called John William Rd. Take a right on John William Rd coming from the Loop 410 Freeway access road. As you are on John William Rd, you will be on the side of the complex which is now at your right and the Fiesta Inn and Suites is on your left. While you are on John William Rd, go toward the second light pole on your right. Take a right into the parking lot next to that light pole which is located at the back of the complex near a wooden fence that separates the complex from the neighborhood. If you enter the neighborhood, you've passed the parking lot that is needed. As soon as you turn into the back parking lot, you can park in any spot available that is before or around a shed-like structure. If you pass the shed-like structure, you went too far. After you park, follow the pathway between building 43 and building 44. Building 40 is directly across from building 43 and on the left side of building 44. Apartment #4005 is on the first floor of the side of building 40 that you will be facing. If you go to the side that has a playground, you are on the wrong side***