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Have you ever wanted to do standup? Just want some funny people to write with? We're going to do a workshop each week, followed by a supportive group open mic, hoping to build a concise set out over that time.

It's not mandatory to ultimately perform!

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Free Standup Workshop: Week 3

Farley's East

[WEEK 3 - TEST RUN - We'll start at Farley's but may move to Lake Merritt if we need the space] (you can think of this as a meat locker built by hobbits, because the stakes are so low) Interested in doing standup? Just want some folks to joke around with or brainstorm jokes with? Come by the Smokin' Mic Standup Comedy Workshops (schedule below)! The goal is to have a crew to write jokes with and build a standup set with, then all head to an open mic to perform - doesn't matter of you're just a beginner, have done some standup, or genuinely just want funnier friends, come check out the free workshop! -- Schedule: 3/30 - Brainstorm: bring any semblance of an idea and we can hash it out as a group to find the funny thing you're working with and help generate more details to use 4/6 - Flow: once we've spread the net wide with ideas, we can start ordering the jokes and bits to give a cohesive flow to the set, start to finish 4/20 - Test run: everyone who would like to give a shot performing before the open mic for last critique can come try it out on the group! 4/23 - Open Mic: the plan is to head to the Starry Plough's Tuesday night open mic for a supportive fun chance to perform what you've worked on for the past 3 weeks!

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Free Standup Workshop: Week 2

Farley's East

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