What we're about

Welcome to Smooth DevOps SF!

We run practical workshops on DevOps every month - nibbles and delicious fruit smoothies included! Each time we take a hands-on look at a different technology from the world of DevOps.

Whether you're deploying your first application to the cloud, or have been architecting systems since the IBM 360, please come along and take part!

We are dedicated to providing a fun, educational, and welcoming meetup experience for everyone.

If anything or anyone makes the event not welcoming for you or others, please either:
- reach out to an organizer at the event in person or
- send us an email at smoothdevops@mlab.com.

All attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy towards each other.

Please read our Code of Conduct for more information: https://gist.github.com/npentrel/55c112ba43c2f649e9dd85a12f2f0334 .

Smooth DevOps is organized by mLab (https://mlab.com/). mLab is the leading Database-as-a-Service for MongoDB, powering over half a million deployments worldwide.

For a list of our previous recorded talks with the resources for the talks check out: https://github.com/npentrel/SmoothDevOps .

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GitHub HQ 3.0

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