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Come experience the healing power of consensual, mindful, loving touch at a fun playshop with like-minded people.

We humans need touch and affection. Studies show that nurturing, non-sexual touch has a positive effect on our physical and emotional health, helping to regulate our blood pressure and nervous system, enhancing our ability to connect with others, and increasing our sense of self-worth, safety and belonging.

In a respectful, relaxed, non-sexual space you can experience intimacy and connection with others, practice your communication skills and explore your personal boundaries. At a snuggle playshop, you can learn to ask for what you want, practice saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, challenge yourself, have fun, develop greater trust in yourself and others.

You never have to do anything you don’t want to. You can meet new people, spoon, cuddle, get a foot rub or a scalp scratch, have a snack, share a fun conversation, engage in some warm non-sexual snuggling, or simply hang out in your jammies and chill.

We’ll open the playshop with introductions, a few fun games to practice our communication and boundary skills, and a discussion of the rules. Then there’s lots of time to connect and play with others, and a facilitator will be on hand if you have questions or want some guidance. Before you leave, there will be an opportunity to speak about your experience and say your goodbyes.

If you would like more information, send an email to tracy@tracymontgomery.ca or message me here. You can find the Ottawa Snuggle Salon on Facebook, too!

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