• Full Stack IoT .NET Developer


    For this meetup session, we will talk about the full stack IoT development environment, using .NET and Azure. Lacking a recognized term to express the development environment for this presentation, I borrowed the term “Full Stack Developer”, a trendy term that describes developer with multiple technical disciplines, as part of the title. To be effective in developing IoT solution, a developer is required to have multiple technical disciplines: • Ability to write codes in multiple programming languages (front-end, back-end, middle-ware, components & etc.) • Platforms knowledge (Communication protocol, OS & Network Infrastructure) In addition to the technical aspect, it’s necessary for the developer to know and understand the associated IoT environment’s business processes. Here’s a brief outline of the contents for this session: • Full stack development for IoT • The IoT development environment using .NET and Azure • Business consideration for IoT Solutions • Coding examples Speaker's Bio: 20+ years in the technology field, with mix of experiences in embedded-hardware, embedded-OS, application-development, Information-Technology, Cybersecurity and business management. Published two books on Windows CE, “Professional Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0” in 2008 and “Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7” in 2011. http://embedded101.com/Blogs/samuelphung Twitter: @samuelp101 https://linkedin.com/in/samuelp101

  • SoCal Code Camp (Nov 10-11th)

    USC Parking Structure A

    Hi all! SoCal Code Camp is coming up. This will be a great event it looks like they already have almost 70 sessions posted. Please rsvp directly on https://www.socalcodecamp.com/rsvp.aspx to attend! See you there!!

  • August Meetup: Serverless Architecture in Azure with Rob Richardson

    AWS has Lambda, Azure has Azure Functions, Web Jobs, and App Service. Whether you want to script pay-by-the-drink web endpoints or build more traditional micro services or run custom workloads in Docker. Come join us for this code-focused look at architecting, coding, and deploying serverless resources for the .NET developer. Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, Angular and Vue. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development. You can find this and other talks on his blog at https://robrich.org/presentations and follow him on twitter at @rob_rich.

  • "It’s 2018. Why aren’t you using Azure Search?" with Bryan Soltis

    Open up your website. Click Search. Tell me, do you like what you see? Are you BLOWN AWAY at the functionality? Does it return the exact results you were looking for, and let you customize what you see? I’m betting that there’s more than a little room for improvement. Don’t worry, most people are in the same boat. What if I told you could build amazing search experiences with just a little bit of code – all backed by Microsoft’s Cloud? By implementing Azure Search into your sites, you can quickly provide result faceting, inline highlighting, synonym mapping, and even customized text analyzers. My name is Bryan Soltis and I’m a technical Evangelist and Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. In this session, I’m going to introduce you to this often-overlooked cousin of the Azure family and show you how to build some amazing search solutions. And maybe a few Simpsons quotes along the way…

  • June Meetup: Event-Driven Architecture with Azure Event Grid

    JUNE MEETUP: Event-Drive Architecture with Azure Event Grid This session will take a deep-dive into Azure Event Grid and demonstrate how to architect and implement event-driven solutions in the cloud. We’ll discuss how to effectively use Event Grid with other serverless and messaging technologies while uncovering recommended practices and design patterns along the way. The session will also include live coding, demos and a discussion on the roadmap for Azure Event Grid. See you there! Bio: David Barkol is an Azure Specialist on the Global Black Belt team at Microsoft. He focuses on application development, serverless technologies and other interesting solutions. He is based out of Southern California and enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his family and travelling. David can be reached on Twitter @dbarkol

  • Electrifying Enterprise IT with Azure ASE with Mike Burns of SoCal Edison

    SCE services 15 million people with electricity over 15 counties. With over 1000 applications in our IT portfolio, migrating into the cloud is a big challenge for SCE. SCE has a 14 year plan to free itself of its physical data centers, but lifting and shifting a legacy IT organization into the cloud won’t realize any of the benefits. Mike will share the strategy, accomplishments, roadblocks and lessons learned from the first two years of the effort. Mike will demonstrate SCE’s use of App Service Environments. In particular, how ASEs allow integration with enterprise data sources while maintaining a high level of Cybersecurity. Additionally, Mike will share how ASEs fit with SCE’s goals of agile development and lowering the IT costs. From coder to clouder, Mike has taken his years of enterprise application experience and is applying it to cloud architecture development at Southern California Edison. When Mike initially joined SCE, he provided operational support for Sce.Com, SCE’s customer facing website. For the past 3 years, he’s been focused on cloud architecture and SaaS governance. As one of SCE’s cloud architects, he’s designing the virtual infrastructure to support application migration and rehosting.

  • Global Azure BootCamp - 2018

    Mt. San Antonio College

    REGISTERE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/global-azure-bootcamp-2018-socal-tickets-41884785521 I am excited to invite you to Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 on April 21st, It's a one-day Free to attend a global event, driven by Microsoft Azure MVPs, experts, and community enthusiasts. Sessions will help newbie and experienced developers and IT Pros, to learn and share knowledge. SoCal Microsoft Azure User group is celebrating and hosting the event in Orange County @ Mt. San Antonio College. Global Azure Bootcamp has grown bigger in the last couple of years, year after year. Last year we had 200+ attendee and 380+ registrations, we hosted 30+ sessions and full house keynote. With this attendance, we were largest GAB Bootcamp in the entire United States. We have a couple of months to go before the Bootcamp and I am very sure we will beat last years record on hosting and participation. This year we will have even more deep dive sessions by experts, hands-on labs, lightning talks and more. If you attended the last years Bootcamp you would know it already and if you could not attend last year, this year you don't want to miss. We are excited to be part of this exciting event! and invite you to join us and be part of the event. We will start the registration at 8.00 Am and will have fun filled sessions all day long, we have plenty of food and drinks available for you. Like to participate? Be a speaker at Global Azure BootCamp? Please submit your session via this link: https://sessionize.com/GAB2018/ Global Azure Bootcamp main website: www.gab2018.com / http://global.azurebootcamp.net Event Location: Mt. San Antonio College (1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA 91789) Share this event on Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn We hope you can make it to the Bootcamp! Cheers, Vishal Saxena (MVP - Microsoft Azure) [masked] /[masked] PS: If your company would like to be one of sponsor for the event, please do let me know via email or phone.

  • Deploying Java apps with Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service and CosmosDB - SD

    Deploying Java apps with Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service and CosmosDB Interested in developing your next application for Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure? We will show you how to package a Java app in just a few minutes. By combining some modern tooling, including Docker container images and Helm, with some Azure managed services including AKS and CosmosDB, we'll quickly create and deploy a public app. We will then explore how to update it, scale it, and replicate important app data; all without an ops team. Speaker: Daniel Lopez, CEO and co-founder of Bitnami Daniel is a 15-year industry veteran and the co-founder and CEO of Bitnami, which provides automated application deployments of server applications. He previously founded Bitrock in 2003, and held technical and leadership positions at devicescape and Covalent Technologies. He has masters degrees in engineering from Universidad de Sevilla and Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. He is an emeritus member of the ASF and the author of multiple technical books on Apache and Linux. **************************************** Location Information This event is for San Diego Address: Microsoft San Diego 9255 Towne Centre Dr #400 San Diego, CA 92121 Parking: Paid Parking in the Garage ($12.50), free parking in the evening on the street adjacent to the garage.

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security with Chris Nicholas - OC

    Enterprise Mobility + Security Identity Protection + Multi-Factor Authentication • Discover your organization's current Secure Score • License users with EMS product licenses • Enable Intelligent Analytics on all user identities • Configure Identity Protection Alerts • Discover risk events that have already occurred in your organization • Setup a selected user group for Multi-Factor Registration • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Global Admins • Let's see MFA in Action! • Set up email encryption Information Protection + Data Loss Prevention • Enable your tenant for Azure Information Protection • Explore policy features • Build your first AIP policy • Apply it to a sample file • Watch as tracking and protection features start providing insights and security • Explore DLP policies in Azure / Exchange Online What you'll need (If you want to follow along): • A live or demo tenant [none of what we do is destructive] • An EMS trial • A laptop / tablet PC • Microsoft Office • Windows 10 • A mobile device • Global Admin rights Chris Nicholas, Lead Solutions Architect at Akins IT Accomplished Solutions Architect with 15 years of experience consulting on and managing server infrastructures, storage, cloud and data-center operations across multiple platforms. Heavy recent focus on Azure IaaS, Enterprise Mobility, Security and Microsoft 365 systems. Agenda: 6:00 - 6:30 Welcome and introduction. Networking 6:30 - 7:15 Identity Protection + Multi-Factor Authentication 7:15 - 8:00 Information Protection + Data Loss Prevention Parking: Plenty of free parking in the parking structure.

  • VSTS+Azure = Zen (How to easily apply CI/CD to your Azure environment with VSTS)

    VSTS + Azure = Zen How to easily apply CI/CD to your Azure environment with VSTS Visual Studio Team Services, a cloud-based suite of services for code development, collaboration, work and release management, and DevOps, has many powerful features that go beyond simple source control and agile work item tracking. It has a powerful and extensible build and deployment infrastructure that allows you to start with simple build pipelines and scale all the way up to enterprise-level release management. In this session, you will learn how to build CI/CD pipelines in VSTS to manage continuous deployment and updates of your Azure resources and environments, from Web Apps and Function Apps, to SQL Databases, Service Fabric, and Docker containers. No matter where your source code resides, VSTS provides integration with any Git repo including GitHub, BitBucket, and VSTS itself. We will end this session with Release Management in VSTS and show you how you can tap into this powerful feature. Bio: Mohammad Jalloul is an SDE in the Global Enablers team within the Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) group at Microsoft where he focuses on helping media-centric ISV partners onboard their solutions and businesses onto Azure. Mohammad can be reached via his blog (http://moh.md/1) or LinkedIn (http://moh.md/2). **************************************** Location Information this event is for San Diego Address: Microsoft San Diego, 9255 Towne Centre Dr #400, San Diego, CA 92121 Parking: Parking: Paid Parking in the Garage ($12.50), free parking in the evening on the street adjacent to the garage