What we're about

PURPOSE OF THIS SITE: For anyone interested in the Motor Maids and fellow members to meet and to arrange dates and times for future rides and events supporting women and motorcycling.


Motor Maids is a women's motorcycle club in North America with over 1,200 members from the United States and Canada. Established in 1940, Motor Maids was one of the first women's motorcycle groups and has been called the oldest existing women's club in the United States. The first president of Motor Maids was Dot Robinson who held this position for 25 years. The objective of this group is to promote safe riding habits, meet new people and travel across North America. Every year they travel around North America going to different events as a group including every July they have a Motor Maid convention. Almost every week or weekend there are meetings or events with this group whether it is a charity event or just a ride along. Motor Maids is committed to safety with their members. Before they go on a ride as a group they have many safety checks they have to follow.

The mission statement of this group is to ride together as a group and club, to have fun as a group, respect history and believe in the traditions.