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Browser Exploitation w/ Node.JS & Raspberry Pi & Node for the Rest of Us

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Monthly Meetup - Speakers Samy Kamkar and Matt Savino.


• 7:00pm: Food & Networking

• 7:15pm: Intros & Sponsors

• 7:30pm: Browser Exploitation with Node.JS and Raspberry Pi by Samy Kamkar

• 8:00pm: Node for the Rest of Us by Matt Savino

• 8:30-9pm: Wrap-up/Networking

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Parking: TBA

Talk #1: Browser Exploitation with Node.JS and Raspberry Pi

In this talk, by Samy Kamkar, we'll learn a new and exciting technique he's developed demonstrating cross-platform exploitation of locked, password protected machines and web browsers using technologies like Node.JS and the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Samy Kamkar is an independent security researcher, best known for creating the MySpace worm, one of the fastest spreading viruses of all time. He (attempts to) illustrate terrifying vulnerabilities with playfulness and his open source software and research highlights the insecurities and privacy implications of every day technologies.

Talk #2: Node for the Rest of Us

As Directv's foray into node unfolded, we got lucky to land a top-notch consultant who pointed us in the right direction and avoided the usual pitfalls. We tried to generally follow component-based architecture. However we had to adapt a few things from the standard node workflow to accommodate development of an ever-growing monster site, with developers of varying experience levels scattered around the globe. This resulted in a couple of "plumbing" libraries which we've open-sourced. We've been through 3+ years of production now on large-scale two high-traffic sites, and have learned a lot about performance (hint: in a big system - it's never node) and monitoring along the way. We're now intensely focused on streamlining microservice development and deployment with docker.

Matt Savino is an architect and node evangelist with almost 20 years experience in web development. His current passions include docker, automated testing, CI/CD, outdoor photography and the Kansas City Royals.