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This is a group for anyone that would like to connect with others that are working with or using PowerShell. All PowerShell skill levels are welcome to attend this meetup.

Generally we meet the first Tuesday of every month, at "Mello", 6561 Irvine Center Dr · Irvine, CA, doors opening at 6:30 PM. Walk to the left hand side of the front of the mello building, our meeting room is the first door there.

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PowerShell: Get up to speed with Plaster with James Petty

Needs a location

** This event will be recorded and posted to YouTube. **
** A link to the Microsoft Teams meeting for this event will be posted here on the day of the event. **

Plaster isn’t dead, despite what you may have heard. It’s back! Headed by Jeff Hicks, James Petty, and David LittleJohn.

Let’s take some time to explore Plaster and how it can help you standardize your PowerShell module development. With a few key strokes you can have the bones of your module and templates scripted out in just a few seconds.

James Petty is the recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management and currently serves as the CEO of DevOps Collective INC, a nonprofit working in the technology education space.

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