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This is a group designed for anyone interested in learning more about wine, or just enjoying the social aspect of wine tasting. Whether you've just discovered you actually like wine, or if you're a certified Sommelier, all are welcome and we cater to all levels of knowledge. Some activities I'd like to see happen for the group are road trips to various wineries, hosting food and wine pairings, visiting local wine bars for food and wine pairings, or just hosting an event where we can all casually mingle and sip wines. Just a note: A majority of events will most likely have some sort of cost involved, but it's my goal to make it worth every penny and help you grow in your knowledge, love, appreciation, and enjoyment of wine.

Although the Group name is "SoCal Wine Enthusiasts," a majority of the members are from the Chino area. We tend to have a majority of our events in the Inland Empire area, but will periodically venture out to other areas, as well.

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We're keeping the A to Z Train rolling along with a lovely white wine from France's Rhone region ... R is for Roussanne!

This is a somewhat intriguing, rare full-bodied white wine found primarily in Southern France (where it is often used as a blending grape with Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, and Viognier). This is a rich wine, that smells like a flowery herbal tea and has flavors of honey and pear. If you select one from a cooler-climate region, your Roussanne will be a little more floral and delicate, with slightly higher acidity.

You'll want to chill this one, as it is best served at 55 degrees F.
If you choose a Roussanne produced in the US, they tend to be oak-aged, and will be more reminiscent of a richer Chardonnay. Most of the wines we'll find here is the US from France will most likely be a blend. Total Wine in Brea is showing three to choose from (between $16-41). Wine.com has several domestic and French options available between $15 all the way up to $300 (if ordering through Wine.com, please use this link: https://refer.wine.com/Lisa177) . Packing House Wines in Claremont should have some bottles of this varietal to choose from, too. You can also find one in the US (it will have to be shipped) using this link: https://www.wine-searcher.com/find/roussanne/1/usa

This wine will pair nicely with anything "eggy" (a nice quiche or crab omelet, perhaps?), smoked fish terrine, pate, roast chicken or chicken salad, anything with a cream sauce, spicy flavors, and Asian cuisine. Roasted squash and root veggies also work beautifully, as they play off the nutty-spicy notes found in the wine. The cheese plate can have a wide variety: mild cheddar, gouda (smoked or regular), Emmental, Comte, Brie/Camembert, or any creamy, sheep's milk cheese. Black olives and fresh almonds would be a tasty addition to the snack tray, too. I may be whipping up a batch of these: https://myfavouritepastime.com/2014/02/25/smoked-ham-and-cheese-muffins/

Meeting ID:[masked] - Password:[masked] ... just click the link at the right side of the page next to the event write up info.

Memorial Day Weekend ... Brunch, Anyone?

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Don't have plans to go out of town for Memorial Day Weekend? Looking for something fun to do? Look no further! Join your fellow Wine Enthusiasts and I for a Saturday Brunch at ProAbition in Riverside. I've heard lots of great things about this place, and have had it on my radar for a while now. It's a pretty eclectic, kind of upscale little spot with a prohibition-era themed whiskey lounge and kitchen in historic Downtown Riverside.

Let's mingle and sip on Mimosas, Bloody Mary Cocktails, Sangria, or one of their craft cocktails and enjoy a nice Brunch together. ProAbition's Brunch Menu offers the classic selections (Steak & Eggs, French Toast, Belgian Waffles, Huevos Rancheros, just to name a few). And yes, there are also some vegetarian options on the menu, too, so there's something for everybody. Click on the link for additional information: https://www.proabition.com/

Each person in attendance is responsible for their own tab, as well as getting to and from the event safely and responsibly. And PLEASE do not RSVP for the event if you aren't sure of your attendance. RSVP's will close 5 days prior to the event, so anyone on the "Going" list at that time will be expected to be in attendance. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows will be removed from the group and permanently banned (and I would really hate to have to do that to anyone!).

S is for SCHIAVA

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Next stop on our Wines A to Z journey ... Italy! We're going to learn about a wine that is described as tasting like cotton candy (huh?) made from an Italian grape from Alto Adige, a valley in the Alps, called SCHIAVA.

This wine is kind of like breathing in a bouquet of roses while getting a massage from Strawberry Shortcake. Yes, this Italian red is a lighter-bodied wine (kind of like Pinot Noir) with aromas of cotton candy, strawberry, bubblegum, and lemonhead candy. Much like the body, the wine is also delicate and light in color. On the palate, you'll get flavors that are actually quite subtle, and oftentimes, producers in Alto Adige will make a dry style so as not to overwhelm the palate with sweetness. Sound interesting? Then join us for a Saturday afternoon as we learn about this lovely varietal.

You'll want to chill this one, as it is best served at 55-60 degrees F. Use a larger barrel "Aroma Collector" style glass if you have one. This light wine will go great with shrimp, chicken, and tofu ... particularly something with Southeast Asian cuisine that features basil, ginger, or other aromatic herbs. This is the perfect hot day x charcuterie wine! Have some cold cuts (Salami, Ham), antipasti, soft/fresh cheeses (Taleggio would be ideal, as would some mature Pecorino cheese).

Mission Wine & Spirits in Pasadena has a couple of selections available between $15-$18. Eataly in L.A. is another spot that will carry some Schiava wines. My trusty Wine.com site also has some ranging between $22-$30. If using WIne.com, feel free to use this link: https://refer.wine.com/Lisa177

You can also try using this link to search for shops across the country that carry this wine: https://www.wine-searcher.com/find/schiava/-/usa?Xcurrencycode=USD&Xtax_mode=i&Xsecondarycurrencycode=&Xsavecurrency=Y

Meeting ID:[masked] - Password:[masked] ... just click the link at the right side of the page next to the event write up info.

Bring on the Spirits ... Let's Learn About Whiskey! *SOLD OUT*

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OK, there have actually been A LOT of you who have approached me about learning about different things, specifically some spirits. It just so happens I have recently dipped my toes into the Whiskey pond, which has really piqued my interest, as well. OK, folks ... the time has finally arrived!

Debbie and Tanner will host us for a 3-course Bourbon flight in their Speakeasy Room, where we can learn all about this tasty and fascinating spirit. We'll be tasting Weller, Garrison's, and Orphans Barrel Blood Pact ($200 a bottle!), and you'll get Chicken Sliders and Fries, all for $15 per person.

The Lincoln House boasts quite the selection of excellent Whiskeys, Bourbons, Rye Whiskeys, and Scotch (just to name a few). Debbie actually leads a Women's Whiskey group, and I've been told Tanner is a spirits encyclopedia, so we'll be in excellent hands! If Whiskey isn't "your thing," The Lincoln House offers a variety of craft cocktails with other spirits, if you just want to sip on that instead of doing the tasting. And of course, like always, we'll stick around there for something to eat before we head home (if the sliders and fries don't fill us up).

For info about The Lincoln House, click on this link: https://www.thelincolnhouse.com/



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