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We are a group of people (mostly 25ish-40ish) that love the outdoors and getting outside to have fun on the weekends. This is THE group to find others like yourself who like to to get out and enjoy adventurous activities and really just to have a good time. It's a great way to meet like minded people you have things in common with. If you have ever wanted to do some adventurous activity but don't know how to go about doing so, or don't have anyone to do it with, this is the group for you!! Let me know what you want to do and I will work with you to make it happen.

ABOUT your PROFILE: Your profile shold include a photo that shows your face (we want to be able to recognize you). I prefer you use your real first name (not a fake name or screen name). If you're concerned about your privacy, just don't use your last name.

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YOSEMITE Labor Day Weekend CAMPING Trip! It's the Uncrowded Yosemite!!

YOSEMITE: One of the most beautiful places in America: It's world renowned. Everyone wants to go! But this year, a LOT FEWER people are going! Now there are new rules in place: Less cars allowed - it is SO MUCH LESS CROWDED it is like a different Yosemite! I was there a few weeks ago -- it seemed like there was nobody there!! It's a unique time, you really should go! This is your chance! You'll never see it this way again! There's Half Dome. Yosemite Valley. Mountains. Giant trees. Bears. Incredible waterfalls!. Join us for a weekend of hiking, camping, and hanging out! Make some new friends! ** This is also posted with other cool groups, so the RSVP list you see here shows you an incomplete picture of who is going. You will be going to Yosemite at a unique time. Yosemite will be a LOT less crowded than you've EVER seen it. Because of social distancing requirements, the Park Service now limits the number of cars into the Park each day. It's like 1/3 as crowded as usual! READ RSVP INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. SAFETY: CAMPING RIGHT NOW: We will take all required precautions - and more! Some people just take your money and you're on the trip. That's NOT how we do it: I send you a survey. I want to know you are taking this seriously. You get screened. Some people don't like this. Some people get excluded. But I think it's important. It is the way. (details below) NEVER CAMPED BEFORE? Don't worry, this is car-camping -- it's civilized! It's a developed campground -- you camp right by your car. SCHEDULE/HIKES: We'll check out some Yosemite must-sees like Yosemite Falls, Vernal Falls, Mirror Lake. We're going to explore the high country on Tioga Road. We will head to Glacier Point for some awesome views and hikes. (Full schedule to come.) RSVP INSTRUCTIONS: If you want to go - RSVP Yes. (Don't forget: give me your email address.) Then I email you a SURVEY w/questions. Answer them. And you won't officially be on the trip until youre confirmed and pay. COST for the 3 Night holiday weekend trip is $125 per person. *Because more campsites are necessary with less people per site, the cost is more. Sorry. But we've upgraded our campground, and we have larger more spacious sites. You will split gas cost and you'll also split the $30 park entrance fees (though a lot of people have the Parks Pass, which makes the entrance free.) PRECAUTIONS RIGHT NOW: We will follow all state and CDC rules, and we will just follow common sense. We will not be staying in a giant group campsite. Instead, we will have roomy individual campsites with a small number of people at each.. I'm planning to have us operate as semi-autonomous groups based on campsite. We stay in these smaller groups -- let's call them Team A, Team B, etc, Outside our group, we will adhere to social distancing, and wear a face mask when necessary (in stores and with people outside our group) -- it's just the smart thing to do. Each campsite will have its own stove, cooking gear, etc, & you can bring their own stuff too. Everyone gets their own set of plates, silverware etc. No potlucks, no drink sharing. Smart steps. YOSEMITE: Mountains, campfires, new friends. Safety. Join us.

Fun CAMPING Trips! UPDATED for SUMMER ## Schedule + INFO ##

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UPDATED for JULY ## Schedule + INFO ## So what's going on with our camping trips? I know we're all preoccupied right now, but wouldn't it be great to get away and just chill around a campfire? [This update written July 7] SCHEDULE: (page down for details) Sept 4-7 | YOSEMITE [Labor Day Trip] ---------------------------------------------------------- Yes, we're going back to Yosemite! https://www.meetup.com/SoCal-Young-Adventure-Seekers/events/272106980/ Oct 1-4 | ZION ---------------------------------------------------------- Zion. Do I have to say more? REMEMBER : See a trip you like? Then you need to click on that trip's event page and RSVP separately. (see active links below) | SAFETY & CAMPING | I know we are all concerned about safety in our present situation. You might be asking if we should be going camping right now. We will take all required precautions - and more! : I send you a survey. I want to know you are taking this seriously. You get screened. You get tested. Some people don't like this. Some people get excluded. But I think it's important. It is the way. (details below) Well, we will be doing things a little differently now. First of all, the trips will be smaller -- we will not be staying in large group campsites. We will have standard, but room, individual campsites, with 6-8 people per site. For example, if we have 24 people, we will have 8 at 3 separate campsites (all nearby). In effect, we will be operating as 3 groups of 8 during our hikes and activities. We stay in these smaller groups -- let's call them Team A, Team B, Team C. Outside our group, we will still try to adhere to social distancing as much as practical (the outdoors is good for this). I will be bringing my face mask and will keep it handy. I will not be hiking in it, but might need it if I can't avoid outsiders on narrow trails or in stores etc. If conditions change, we will adjust. Each campsite will be supplied with their own stove, cooking gear, etc, and I encourage everyone to bring their own cooking gear if they can. In addition, I will issue each person their own set of plates, silverware etc (so you don't have to all reach into the same bin each time). I will be taking a bunch of steps toward hand sanitizing & washing, sanitation. More details when you RSVP. If you've camped with me before, you know that after you RSVP I send you a survey with questions you need to answer. I'm now adding some new questions specific to this situation; you might find some intrusive, but I think they're necessary. I want to know about you, your job, the precautions you've taken and any concerns you have. | | |

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