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Lazy River Innertubing, Sat 9/29, Bakersfield
Let's do some lazy river innertubing! The best way to spend a hot day is soaking in a cool river. This adventure is all about having fun so think of everyone as a new friend! Folks on this meetup will be everyone from kids to late 60's. The meetup starts at 1pm. I recommend arriving by 12:30pm. After some things at the beginning (e.g. waivers, safety talk, maybe some ice breaker games), we'll get in the water and begin our lazy river float. We'll have a small cooler. After 1.5 - 2 hours we'll pull over and have a late lunch: Subway sandwiches, chips, & bottled water (included). Then we'll get back in the water and float for another 45 - 60 min to reach the finish. My best guess is we'll end between 5pm & 6pm depending on river speed and how long we take for lunch. Optional: dinner afterward at Rusty's Pizza. Everyone must: A) know how to swim; B) wear shoes that won't fall off - no sandals, crocs, or bare feet permitted; and C) wear a life jacket. Message me to bring kids. No alcohol or glass on the river. ----YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM---- You must be able to swim to attend - no exceptions. This means you can swim the length of a pool in the freestyle stroke or back/side/breast stroke. Doggy paddling does not count. You'll need to certify on the liability release wavier which strokes you can swim. ----REGISTER---- To register for this meetup please message me your email address! - Meetup with Innertubing: $44.99 + Paypal Fee - Meetup with Innertubing: $34.99 + Paypal Fee (Early Discount until 10pm 9/25) - Included: gear rental (innertube, life jacket), Subway sandwich, chips, bottled water - Alternatives to Paypal: Bank Pay (Bank of America/Chase/WellsFargo), Google Pay. ----REFUNDS---- I can do refunds until Tuesday 9/25. After this date you'll need to find a replacement. ----WHAT TO BRING---- Shoes you can get wet, water bottle that clips to you, sunscreen, sun glasses w/strap, and hat. No glass, no bags/backpacks/camelbaks, and no bare feet or flip flops. ----BRINGING GUESTS---- All guests must read this page. ----DIRECTIONS---- Will email directions late Thursday night 9/27 to everyone registered for the meetup that will take you from Rusty's Pizza to the starting point. We are meeting at the starting point. ----CARPOOLS---- Will help everyone registered for the meetup connect for carpools starting Wednesday 9/26. ----REVIEWS---- "My first meet up ...had a blast!" - Sonia "It was so much more fun than I imagined!" - Dawnielle "Thanks again David for all of your hard work . . . It was great to meet so many fun people who enjoy the outdoors." - Bridget "I can tell there was a ton of planning involved, thank you for all the effort, you did a great job. I look forward to doing one of these again with you." - Scott "Great hanging with you David, and exceptional organization and logistics planning for such a large group, great job!" - Roseanney "Thanks David! I really appreciate the work you did putting this trip together and being a good Stewart to us all. You are a great example to follow on how you do your part to keep the outdoors clean. I look forward to going on other trips with you as our leader." - Jerry

Rusty's Pizza

3800 Auburn St · Bakersfield, ca

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We are a group of people (mostly 25ish-40ish) that love the outdoors and getting outside to have fun on the weekends. Started this group to find others like myself to get out and enjoy adventurous activities and really just to have a good time. It's a great way to meet like minded people you have things in common with. If you have ever wanted to do some adventurous activity but don't know how to go about doing so or don't have anyone to do it with, this is the group for you. Let me know what you want to do and I will work with you to make it happen.

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