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Board/card game night take three!

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Everyone bring your board and card games and lets have some fun :)

I have dominion, agricola, and cards against humanity, and of course MTG for anyone who wants to play. If anyone has any other board/card games that they want to play or introduce to everyone else, feel free to bring them. We had ton of games last time, most of which I had never played before.

This meetup will be limited to 22 people (pushing it up a little bit). It's the max i can fit in my apartment comfortably. Since there is an RSVP limit, please keep your RSVP status up to date. If you can't go, please update your RSVP to not attending.


My apartment building is across from calico st. Your GPS will probably take you a little further down Reagan rd. When you walk into the parking lot across from calico st, my building is the first one to the left. There's plenty of street parking on Reagan rd and there is also a fairly large plaza next to my apartment complex.

my cell is 860-248-5064