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Come to a Chinese Language Meetup to learn some new words or practice old ones; speak or listen in on Chinese conversations; socialize and meet new people; or discuss Chinese cultures, foods or stories. Everybody's welcome, from beginner levels to fluent.

Welcome to 2019, the year of the "Pig." It is the animal of prosperity. We are currently planning for a new format going forward. Here are a couple of ideas and please don't hesitate to suggest:

My first idea is to speak ONLY Chinese with at least 2+ Chinese speaking members at any event. There will be a brief introduction in English/Chinese to acquaint the attendees on what to expect. It will be posted on the description page as well as at the beginning of the event. The introduction will include 10 carefully selected words that are intended to get everyone through the entire event. Hopefully everyone will become proficient with these words, and some perhaps learn up to 3 times more.

Future Lineups:

1. Food 101+ - Eat Drink and Experiment

2. Traveling (and surviving) 101 - Hotel Lobby

3. Business 101 - Meeting Introduction

4. Shopping 101 - frugality is the secret to smart shopping ;)

5. Health 101 - Body Parts

6. Family 101 - Grandma Uncles etc.

7. Technology 101 - Smartphone 5G and IoT

8. Entertainment 101 - VR, AR, MR to just the real world!

9. Outdoors 101 - Do you know that there are 27 regional parks in OC?

10. Happiness 101 - Okay, let's get philosophical... an OC city is ranked 2019's second happiest city in American, find out why... hints: art, music, calligraphy, books, some old-fashioned things...


Linus and Organizers

SIDE NOTE: 2 steps to really force yourself to learn Chinese. Step 1: Make a fool of yourself. Step 2: Each time you utter a non-Chinese word at the event, you will be fined $1. The money will be saved for my Quarterly Linus' Family Festival. Yes, I am expecting a LOT of fines. Go ahead, say a word! (btw, just kidding, pardon my Chinese humor)

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