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Help Prepare Christmas Gifts for Kids (Fullerton / near Brea & La Habra)

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Industrial Building (Look for signs that say Operation Christmas Child)

4200 Bonita Pl · Fullerton, ca

How to find us

They check in all members of a group at the same time (similar to a restaurant waiting until an entire party arrives to be seated), so if other members sign up, communicate with each other and find each other at the entrance to check in together. Thx

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Recommended for anyone new to this group or volunteering for the first time:


Update: When checking in, they might ask for a group leader. Tell them the reservation is under the name "Wiseman Hsu."

If nobody else signs up on this day/night, and you don't want to volunteer alone, msg me and I'll try to go -



A small group reservation has been made with Operation Christmas Child.

If a few members want to help, please read the description on how to check in. Thank you.


"Since 1993, more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ."


This volunteer activity involves helping prepare/inspect shoebox gifts at their "processing facility."

Most volunteer events posted in this group are secular; however this has a Christian association & affiliation.

Hundreds of other people help with this.

For some other events, people can arrive at separate times to help. With Operation Christmas Child, groups who make a reservation usually are checked in together (like a reservation at a restaurant where everybody in the party must be present to be seated).

What's tricky about Meetup is you never know who actually will show up. Maybe nobody else will sign up. Maybe a few people sign up, but none will actually go.

If some people sign up and show up, then try to find each other near the entrance (a table is outside with name tags).

If nobody else from this Meetup group signed up, then you can just check-in and you'll be assigned to work with others who are also helping during the same shift.

If others do sign up AND show up, then hopefully you can find each other and check-in together. Consider posting a comment the day/night before (or morning of) to ask if anybody else is going. Not everybody may have a smartphone with the Meetup app, so post a comment in advance to ask if anybody else is going. I understand some might feel awkward about going alone and volunteering by yourself.

If nobody else from this group attends, rest assured, many other individuals (outside this group), will also be there, and people are usually warm and friendly, so you won't be volunteering by yourself.


After checking in as a group and turning in their waiver form, they'll lead you to an area for orientation (a short video to explain the processing center).

Then they assign you a work station. If you're by yourself, they'll probably add you to a station that could use additional help. If you're with others, they'll try to keep you together at the same station.

Anywhere from 8 - 10 people (approximately) can be assigned at a given station.

All the stations pretty much do the same tasks...going through the various shoe boxes and ("processing" them) making sure the contents are acceptable, removing inappropriate items or filling the shoe boxes with items....taping the boxes, and then sorting the gift boxes by gender and age group.

Although Christmas can sometimes seem commercialized and materialistic; Operation Christmas Child has a Christian component and affiliation. So full disclosure, religious material is included with the gifts, so if anyone has another faith/belief/dogma, or is anti-religion, anti-Christian, atheist, and/or opposed to proselytizing, then totally understandable this event might not appeal to everyone.


Print & fill out their waiver form -

Minimum age to volunteer is 13.

This will be in a warehouse environment. Wearing closed-toe shoes is recommended, preferably something comfortable because standing will occur.

Maybe bring a sweater/jacket in case it's cold inside.