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From Santa Barbara to San Diego, this is a group dedicated to the art of sailing. We will have gatherings both on and off the water, races, cruises and dinners. Members are encouraged to suggest events and venues and arrange fun low cost sailing related activities that members can join. Members will join forces to plan sailing events, or just get together and swap stories of past adventures. Whatever your thing, we'll try to have it.

Crew-mates: Please be courteous and respectful of your skippers by showing up ON TIME for an event. There is typically a waitlist for crewmates, so please RSVP quickly. You will be removed from the group after 2-NoShows, if you are unable to show up for a sail, please update/cancel your RSVP the night before so that the next person on the waiting list can be notified. Every skipper has different rules aboard his/her boat, so please read the event details and conduct yourself accordingly. Please also respect any specifics about the posted event - some adventures may be open to inexperienced sailors while some may be reserved for more seasoned pros.

Skippers: It's free to post meetup events. Just let me (the organizer) know you are interested in posting a sail aboard your vessel and I'll make you an event organizer. Please abstain from ‘TBD’ events, keep it specific with dates/times for a planned sail. While it's okay to split the expenses related to making a sail available to members, please don't use this site to support your own chartering business as that is not the intent.

I hope that this group can be a fun approach to boating and socializing with others of the same interest in sailing!

Release of liability: By joining this meetup group, you (Releasor) hereby forever waive, release and discharge the host(s) (Releasee) from any and all claims, demands, damages, judgments, executions, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known, anticipated or unanticipated, which a Releasor may have, or claim to have, against any Released Party resulting from death, personal injury, property damage or other loss Releasor may sustain as a result of participating in a meetup event or other activities related thereto. Releasors hereby acknowledge that serious accidents occasionally occur during sailing and boating activities and that mortal or serious personal injuries and/or property damage or other loss may result from participation in a meetup event. Releasors knowingly assume all risks of participation in the meetup events, including all risk of personal injury and loss of or damage to the Releasors or their property, including further injury sustained as the result of the efforts of third parties who come to the aid of Releasor(s) if injured as a result of participation in a meetup event, and release all other persons and entities mentioned in the meetup who might otherwise be liable to Releasors. Releasors agree to abide by all rules of the Host(s) in connection with participation in a meetup event and understand that the failure to observe and obey such rules may result in instant revocation of Releasor’s(s’) right to participate in the event or membership in the meetup group.

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April is a Great Month to Go Sailing!

Marina Harbor Anchorage

A Sunday afternoon sail in April out of beautiful MDR: it doesn't get much better than that! Let us know if you want to join in the fun. Guests are asked to bring food to share, comfortable layered clothing, and the willingness to post/share any pics they take along the way. Please join the wait list if you would like to go even if it doesn't look like there will be room.

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St Patrick's aboard a Catalina 38 - Mar 17

Gate C600


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