• Blackstone Presents: William Wegerson - GraphQL for the .Net Full Stack Dev

    GraphQL can be considered a next step `rest++`-ful service in terms of the functionality of what it brings to a service api. In this discussion William Wegerson gives the history of GraphQL and demoes how one can build a useful hybrid rest and GraphQL.Net api against a SQL Server 2017/Azure database. William goes old school and shows how to pass on generated JSON data via stored procedures without Entity Framework for performance considerations all within a .Net Core 2.2 API using Visual Studio 2019. He also demonstrates a GraphQL testing playground based on the rest website to do basic queries against a fully stocked database. Every step is reproducable and usable in a real life coding scenarios; so come and learn the fundamentals of GraphQL in .Net. William is a full stack developer who speaks on the topics he loves to program in and use. He generally finds himself on the consultant side of the office and has been determined for the past 25 years plus to ride the tech wave the best he could by immersing himself in new technologies to provide solutions to the clients that hire him. His current topics are one he has worked on for a few contracts and is able to provide the pros/cons an tips to get the job done.

  • Blackstone Presents: TypeScript on the Server with Node and NestJS - Ely Lucas

    Over the past twenty years, JavaScript has been the main language for web development. It has risen from doing simple UI enhancements, to providing full blown client application development. However, as the size and complexity of JavaScript applications has grown, the ability to maintain a JavaScript application at scale remains a challenge. Many front end developers have turned to TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) which offers many advantages, such as compile time type checking, IDE auto completion, early error detection, and provides the latest JavaScript features we can use now (and not when the browsers decide to support them). With TypeScript, teams of web developers are able to enjoy the benefits of languages like C#, but in the web environment they know and love. But did you know you can also use TypeScript to create server side apps as well? You bet! Node has provided server side JavaScript development for awhile now, but you can also use TypeScript in a Node app! There is even a web framework written with TypeScript called Nest, and because it uses TypeScript, it brings all the modern language features of TypeScript with it. You can use Nest to create efficient, reliable, and scalable web apis. Writing a Nest app in TypeScript will feel at home to those that use other enterprise class web frameworks like ASP.Net MVC. In this talk, we cover the ins and outs of creating a web api using Nest and TypeScript on Node. We will go over why TypeScript is a good choice for your Node app, and how to use modern application design to improve your code quality and reduce code complexity. We will discuss the advantages you can get by using the same language for both your front end and back end, such as sharing code between the apps. Blackstone (http://us.bstonetech.com/) (Sponsor)

  • Progressive Presents: Debugging Your Website with Fiddler and Chrome

    Developer Tools and Fiddler continue to improve. Chrome provides a great client side JavaScript debugging experience. It also shows the live DOM and is often the only way to determine exactly what style rules have been applied in CSS. The network tab provides basic details on requests and responses for the page, including the “initiator” column that indicates why the request was made. The tools provide profilers, audits, and the ability to throttle the network connection. It also provides basic emulation of device sizes for web pages. Fiddler can also be extremely helpful when debugging as traffic can be modified manually or programmatically. The auto responder feature can mock particular responses to web requests, or add specific delays for latency. The composer can construct specific requests that are difficult to create with browsers directly. Fiddler is also extremely helpful for capturing and modifying traffic from smartphones, tablets, and non-Windows platforms. Together these free tools make it much easier to troubleshoot problems with today’s complex multi-device web sites. Bio: Robert Boedigheimer - Works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies. Robert has been developing web sites for the past 23 years. He is a Microsoft MVP, a Progress Developer Expert (Fiddler), a Pluralsight author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert regularly speaks at national and international events. Progressive (https://progressive.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en) (Sponsor)

  • TEKsystems Presents: What I've Learned From My Podcast - Dave Rael

    If you do anything for long enough, you'll eventually figure out how to do it pretty well and learn some tricks and lessons along the way. Interviewing software developers for a podcast is not an exception. During the course of doing almost 400 interviews over the course of more than three years and getting them to share stories, experiences, insights, tips, and tricks, I have been exposed to a great deal of wisdom and inspiration. Find out some of the key takeaways from a project unlike anything I've tackled before and walk with me through a journey of learning on my path of sharing audio. Bio: Dave Rael is the host of the Developer On Fire podcast (http://developeronfire.com/). He is a father of 3 wonderful children, a husband, podcaster, software developer and architect. He delights in both matters technical and human interaction and claims to be good at both machines and people. TEKsystemsf (https://www.teksystems.com) (Sponsor)

  • Visual Studio Web And Load Testing

    Progressive Insurance

    Elizabeth McGraw is a Lead Test Engineer in the IT Infrastructure space at Progressive Insurance. She develops test automation for applications and cloud technologies and is the subject matter expert for Performance Testing on her team. When she is not writing code to root out hardware and software defects, she is spending time with her husband and dog, tackling a new challenge at the gym, or hanging out with her (BBBS) Little Sister.

  • Robert Half Presents: Introduction to Azure IoT - Daren May

    Introduction to Azure IoT and the Remote Monitoring Solution Accelerator. Come for the overview of the Azure IoT Reference Architecture... stay for the interactive demo of the Remote Monitoring solution. See how Azure IoT leverages the best of Azure to build robust, scalable and secure IoT solutions.. Bio: Daren May - Co-Founder of CustomMayd. Microsoft MVP for Windows Development. Builds training materials for Microsoft, all manner of applications including the UWP app for Starz on the Xbox One through to Angular apps on ASP.NET Core. Outside of coding, Daren enjoys on-road and off-road motorcycle riding, hiking and camping in the mountains and general fitness Robert Half (https://www.roberthalf.com/) (Sponsor)

  • Introduction to ML.NET: Using ML.NET for Time Series Prediction

    Damon Achey is a senior developer at Progressive with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of environments from windows kernel to high frequency trading. Damon is very passionate about cloud services, machine learning, and he welcomes the eventual rise of our robot overlords.

  • TEKsystems Presents: Sheila Shahpari - Making sense of Azure Machine Learning

    Have you had an interest in the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence but not known where to start? We’ll go through all the features that Azure Machine Learning has to provide, set up a few of them, and talk concepts so that you can take your AI skillz to the next level. Sheila Shahpari is an Enterprise Architect/Software Engineer/Technology Evangelist, a Microsoft MVP, and recent Denver transplant. She is a freelance Technology Consultant whose focus areas include Full Stack Development, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Search, AI, BI, and consulting on various enterprise strategic initiatives. In her spare time, she is active in numerous technical communities, and is involved with various nonprofits. In addition, she is an active runner and musician (though not at the same time), and is currently attempting the title of whiskey connoisseur.

  • Progressive Presents: Donald Lutz - Event Sourcing Using Microservices

    Event sourcing involves modeling the state changes made by applications as an immutable sequence or log of events. Instead of modifying the state of the application in-place, event sourcing involves storing the event that triggers the state change in an immutable log and modeling the state changes as responses to the events in the log. ASP.NET Core Microservices will be used with Marten / Postgres and Kafka to demonstrate event sourcing and data streaming. Bio: Donald Lutz - I am the Director of Software Engineering at Flexential. Accomplished Director of Software Engineering and Solutions Architect with an enormous depth and breadth in Microsoft architecture as well as having over 20 years’ experience in designing and building large enterprise systems. Specializes in providing companies’ real-world cloud solutions implemented using Actors, ASP.NET Core, functional languages, and Kafka to build integrated, choreographed microservices using AWS, Azure and Docker. Progressive Insurance (Sponsor) Since our session is at a controlled venue, please pre-register so that we can arrange for access to the venue ahead of time.