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Blackstone Presents: TypeScript on the Server with Node and NestJS - Ely Lucas

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Over the past twenty years, JavaScript has been the main language for web development. It has risen from doing simple UI enhancements, to providing full blown client application development. However, as the size and complexity of JavaScript applications has grown, the ability to maintain a JavaScript application at scale remains a challenge.

Many front end developers have turned to TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) which offers many advantages, such as compile time type checking, IDE auto completion, early error detection, and provides the latest JavaScript features we can use now (and not when the browsers decide to support them). With TypeScript, teams of web developers are able to enjoy the benefits of languages like C#, but in the web environment they know and love.

But did you know you can also use TypeScript to create server side apps as well? You bet! Node has provided server side JavaScript development for awhile now, but you can also use TypeScript in a Node app! There is even a web framework written with TypeScript called Nest, and because it uses TypeScript, it brings all the modern language features of TypeScript with it. You can use Nest to create efficient, reliable, and scalable web apis. Writing a Nest app in TypeScript will feel at home to those that use other enterprise class web frameworks like ASP.Net MVC.

In this talk, we cover the ins and outs of creating a web api using Nest and TypeScript on Node. We will go over why TypeScript is a good choice for your Node app, and how to use modern application design to improve your code quality and reduce code complexity. We will discuss the advantages you can get by using the same language for both your front end and back end, such as sharing code between the apps.

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