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So I am completely new to being the first one to step forward, but I was hoping to create a group that would meet once a month/fortnight and be social.
Specifically, the socially awkward, the anxiety suffers, the ones that would love to meet people and talk but whose stomach ties in knots at the thought of walking into the unknown!
Nobody helps the lonely feeling more than those who understand and are going through it too!
I am hoping this will be a group where we can find like minded people and maybe help each other out with socialising.
If anyone is interested, feel free to join and either post publicly or if that's a bit much out there, message me and we can maybe work out a meetup location. If the thought of walking in alone makes you sweat, let me know and we can arrange meeting beforehand to go together!
Also, being on the can't make a decision, crap at organising things side of things, if anyone would like to help with organisation, would very much appreciate it!

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Coffee & Chat

Caffe Nero

Come for a meet up and don't be shy if you're new to the group. Everyone is really nice and feels just as nervous to meet new people.

Pool & Drinks @ The Rigger

The Rigger

Come join for a few games of pool and some drinks with friends.

Dinner @ Efes Turkish Restaurant

Efes Turkish Restaurant

Dinner out at Efes Turkush Restaurant and BBQ. Should be fun!!

Forever Elton - Greatest Hits Tour

Mitchell Arts Centre

Sounds like a fantastic night!! Wouldcbe super fun to go together!!

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TGIF!! Dinner & Fun

TGI friday