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Website: www.losangel3s.com Karaoke Festival: www.3SFest.com

100 karaoke bars in LA filterable by day: https://tinyurl.com/sftygra

We all nerd out about stuff. Some people like to nerd out over streetwear, others nerd out on star wars... We nerd out on karaoke, and music in general.

What this group boils down to is this is a place where music lovers can come together to enjoy music together as one. The only rules are to enjoy the music and be kind to one another. Singing isn't even required. Tapping toes, humming, bobbing heads, and also doing nothing at all are all perfectly acceptable here.

Some of us will be the ones singing up on stage. We're the ones that will be cheering EVERYONE on, including those that aren't with us, those that don't sound professional, and especially those that didn't get applause anywhere else. Why? Because we're fans of music, and encouragement only leads to people getting better at the music we love.

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Karaoke at the Tattle Tale room.

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