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Our games are designed to keep the club members engaged and active, and to provide them with the opportunities to grow and improve their footballing skills. We are known to be the best group for pick-up soccer. Most of our members are busy professionals and students. However, our love for the most popular sport in the world drives us to find a way, somehow, to squeeze in at least 2 hours a week to do what we love the most, play soccer/football/fútbol/futsal. So join our club today and become a part of the most welcoming community of footballers in the area!

The Soccer Club of Cambridge.

Upcoming events (4+)

Indoor Soccer at Teamworks Acton ALL SPOTS FILLED TILL DEC 2021

*** No more spots available until December 2021 ***
Please check back in mid-December for spots for the next session that runs to April 2022.

Indoor soccer at Teamworks in ACTON.
This is a closed group and spots are limited. If you would like to play please contact the organizer for this event. Spots open up here and there but the sessions run through the winter and this Meetup is for those who have reserved spots and signed up.
To those that have signed up:
You can wear regular molded Soccer Cleats / Football Boots or Indoor Turf shoes. You can actually wear flats as well but you might be sliding around.
No shinguards / shinpads required.
The games are 8 v 8 with round robin turns in goal.
ARRIVE BY 9:15p FOR A PROMPT START AT 9:30p. We have exactly 1 hour and they kick us off the field we are on at 10:25p.
You can just come into the facility at 9:15p (no need to wait outside like last year).

Wednesday Indoor at Revere

Teamworks Revere

If you disregard these rules, don't be surprised if you're not invited for future games

Not currently required by the city of Revere


All attendees must be at least 16 years old
Wednesday Season Members, please sign up to the game before 3PM the day of the game, signing up after that will not guarantee you a spot and will become open to the waitlist. Additionally, If anyone drops, the spot will be opened up to the next waitlisted person.

Dropping after 5PM will count as a no-show and 3 no-shows will result in a ban from the group. If you plan to drop, let the host know as you as decide.

The list will be finalized at 8PM the day of the game.

WAITLISTERS DO NOT SHOW UP IN HOPES OF A SPOT! Spectators are not allowed. You will be asked to leave the building

- Please carry two t-shirts (White and Dark)
- Regular Molded cleats or Turf shoes work fine on these surfaces.
- Shinguards / shin pads are optional.

The fees for Non-members are $11.

- Absolutely NO FIGHTING
- Please NO HARD TACKLES or OVERLY RECKLESS PLAYING. We are here to have fun. Any reckless challenges (anyone can call this) will result in a warning. After a 2nd warning, a member may be removed from the group.
- Please pick up all trash with you after you leave.

- Ball is allowed to bounce off walls (try not to slam people into the walls)
- If it hits the surrounding net, it is out
- Everyone plays goalie

Friday indoor game in Revere

Teamworks Revere

Hey all,
This is an indoor 8vs8 game at Teamworks Revere.
Members will have priority to play and non-members have to coordinate with the organizer first before joining. The fee for non-members is $13.

Basic rules:
- The game starts exactly at 8pm - please arrive at least 15 minutes early, since the field only reserved until 9pm sharp.
- Please bring dark and white shirts.

Game rules:
- Absolutely no slide tackling.
- Call your own fouls, and also respect calls of other people.
- Most importantly, be respectful and enjoy the game.

Sunday Soccer Game at Danehy Fields

Danehy Park


- Please carry two t-shirts (White and Dark)

- Fees for non-members (not season members) are $3

- Dropping after 10:00PM the previous night will count as a "No-Show" and 3 No-shows will result in a ban from the outdoor games

- Please make sure your Meetup notifications are on!

- Please be respectful to others and be on time to the games. (Showing up after 15 mins will count as a no show and may not guarantee you a spot)

- Most importantly, Enjoy the game!!

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Sunday Soccer Game at Danehy Fields

Danehy Park

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