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Great Good Place: How to Create, Own or Stay in One Such Place
Prof. Ray Oldenburg wrote the book entitled "GREAT GOOD PLACE" in which he described a place for socializing in addition to living (Home --the First Place) or working (Office --- the Second Place). Such place is called the Third Place. Our Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play combination (Hypercube) is even better as a Third Choice. It can even be a Social Business...... Do Good. Make Money. Have Fun. Attend this Meetup to find out more about Health, Wealth and Happiness and more ....... If you are lucky, you can even get FREE copies of our newly published books entitled THIRD CHOICE (retailed at RM50) or AFFORDABLE HOME (retailed at RM20) describing the project in full details and more... Limited to 15 persons only. Registration required. Strictly no walk-in.

SOHOland Hypercube

Unit A-1-E, Langat Jaya Condominium, Jalan Dato Alias, off Jalan Hulu Langat, 43200 Cheras, · Kuala Lumpur

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The Twenty-First Century is witnessing the emergence of the New Normal / Sharing Economy. This is impacting companies and their employees, particularly in terms of the advocacy for the Triple Bottom Line, namely Profit / People / Planet (the 3Ps) or Economy / Equity / Ecology (the 3Es). Companies, employees and people in general are starting to focus not only on money but also adopting sustainable and healthier lifestyles. Our effort and objective —- Sociable Home (Hypercube) or Collaborative Second Home — with its Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP) components is designed to reflect and comply with this emerging global trend. The principle behind the project is Collaborative Consumption / Sharing Economy…. practical way of sharing resources for both consumption and production. Other similar terms for the project are Co-working, Co-Housing, FabLab or Hacker-Space, P2P (Peer-To-Peer) etc. By owning and sharing a Sociable Home (Hypercube) or Collaborative Second Home, you will adopt a new and healthier lifestyle, which will bring benefits not only for yourself but for those around you. The Sociable Home (Hypercube) or Collaborative Second Home would have characteristics of all these innovative ideas combined, and explore practical ways and means to achieve the stated objectives.

Come & join us ..... and ask the "Why & How" .... "Where & When"!

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