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Have a voice and want to be heard? Does the future of Singapore matter to you, but you find that your voice is lost amidst the apathy that is prevalent amongst the culture of our times?

We are a group of Singaporean individuals who enjoy critical thinking, discussion and weekly meetups. We discuss topics of all nature from philosophy, market economics, morality, religion to CPF, ERP and minimum wage - anything goes.

Whether you are a leftist, rightist, anarchist, PAP supporter, SDP supporter, Bernie Sanders supporter or God forbid - a Trump supporter, anyone with an open and active mind who are willing to have their beliefs challenged is welcome.

The purpose of the group is the trade of ideas and knowledge, not the base satisfaction of triumphing an opponent in a pointless argument. If you have an intellectual void in your life that you have been seeking to fill, join us and debate about issues and their logical consequences!

Check out our "Files" section for some books that we highly recommend!

Past events (11)

Social Justice: When Doing Good Produces Bad

OnePeople.sg (Main Hall)

Global Poverty: Can We Do Better?

ACC Eduhub

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