What we're about


To provide a regular forum where we can share ideas, experiences and models for helping organisations become more social. And, in doing so, create new connections that lead to community.

**Really important**

This is not a social media marketing event. We will not be talking about Facebook, Twitter etc. This is about organisational culture, structure, and internal technologies and approaches.


We welcome people from a diverse range of backgrounds: academics, consultants, researchers, do-ers.


Open, because we each have a piece of the answer

Diversity FTW

You create the value

No spam

The group is organised and lead by Janet Parkinson, David Terrar and Alan Patrick of www.theAgileElephant.com.

Originally conceived by Will McInnes from NixonMcInnes.

Get involved :)

Past events (18)

Changing Dinosaurs and Lipstick on a Pig with Euan Semple

ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)

Social Business Salon at the British Academy

The British Academy,

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