What we're about

This group is intended for people who have anxiety issues and wish to socialise more. I would like to discuss with people who join up a range of things that we can do to socialise, such as movies, picnics, walks, coffee and so on. Ideally anything we do will be as accommodating for people as much as possible.

Here is the facebook version of the group.


Upcoming events (5+)

Mindfulness practice in the Botanic Gardens.

Dunedin Botanic Gardens

This is a monthly meetup for Sunday, where we will meet outside the Croque-o-Dile cafe and information centre in the Botanic Gardens, if it is ever bad weather we will simply have coffee and chat in the cafe which we normally do in addition to mindfulness anyway. http://www.visit-dunedin.co.nz/croque-o-dile.html http://www.dunedinbotanicgarden.co.nz/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Research_on_meditation#Mindfulness

Monthly meet for coffee and chat, at the Otago Museum Cafe.

This has changed from a bi-weekly to a monthly meetup. This meetup is to allow people to simply catch up or for new people come along and see what the group is all about. I thought having something regular would be good to keep the group going.

Monthly meetup at Starbucks

207 George St

I am trying this out as a new monthly meetup to replace the not so populat megazone meetup. We will meet up for coffee(or whatever beverage you prefer) and chat. Starbucks closes at 6.30 on a Sunday, so I have set an end time of 6.30, but we will probably finish closer to 5.

Monthly coffee and chat at the Plaza Cafe - Forsyth Bar Stadium

• What we'll do This is a new alternative to the usual meetup at the museum we will meet at the Plaza cafe situated at the Forsyth Bar Stadium located at the entrance to the Unipol gym. It closes at 4pm but the gym is still open so once the cafe has closed we can still sit and chat. http://www.otago.ac.nz/university-union/outlets/plaza/

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