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Is your guitar collecting dust? Can't afford lessons? Just want to find people to practice with? Then Social Guitar Practice is for you.

This is a group for everyone who wants to have fun learning/improving/playing guitar in a friendly social setting. All skill levels are welcome! We have regular events where small groups of guitarists can gather to learn, practice, and play. Other events may include lessons from guest teachers or outings to see live music.

Send me a message via Meetup if you want to host an event! Every host can set their own time, location, and house rules. This is the best way to guarantee an event that fits your schedule and skill level! My hope is that we will have many event hosts and multiple meetups each week across a range of skill levels. :)

I've been asked by some to include this. If you feel inclined to contribute a few bucks to help pay the MeetUp site's yearly fee for this meetup, here's the link:


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Rock, blues, and country jam (near 2/210)

ed's place near Two Strike Park

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. This was the 3/20 jam, pushed off a while further again. Welcome to Friday Evening Rock, Blues, and Country Jam, on the beautiful Balcony of Southern California! See below the upcoming bass/drum schedule (drummers, bassists, we try to rotate around everyone's schedules as fairly as we can manage: send me your preferences as far ahead as you like). In addition to bass and drums, we have room for two keyboard players, a couple guitar players, and a couple others singing and playing other instruments. Here're links to a couple songbooks we often use (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejkkkn616tc8as4/songs-17-6-28.pdf?dl=0) (https://www.dropbox.com/s/x02i1v2hiio5dk2/Now%20is%20the%20winter%20of%20my%20broken%20leg%2040c.pdf?dl=0) tentative upcoming lineups include... 3/20 drums: Randy bass: Tom? 3/27 drums: Randy bass: David samples from the 2/28 jam (https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5ac6hev4miuxql/20-02-28%20jam.mp3?dl=0) samples from the 2/14 jam (https://www.dropbox.com/s/gq1y4vjaqnbqz5m/20-02-14%20valentine%20jam.mp3?dl=0) samples from the 1/31 jam (https://www.dropbox.com/s/9iltmw0pvbxfzp7/20-01-31%20jam%20.mp3?dl=0) 2/28 Call me the breeze ? David What’s up, man? For what it’s worth Blue moon of Kentucky With a little help from my friends x2 Pain Tennessee whiskey Whiskey lullaby Kinda in the mood Fortunate son Takin’ care of business The last time After midnight 2/21 recordings clipped, due again to damn human error 2/14 Folsom Prison blues Me and my uncle Don’t think twice, it’s alright Goin’ down the road feelin’ bad Bad moon risin’ In the moonlight tonight Mama tried El Cerrito Place No matter what you say Bass player’s jam Thomas’ ? Another of Thomas’ Candy Things Truck drivin’ man Are you sure Waylon done it this way Thomas’ ? Wagon wheel 2/7 trying to catch up 1/31 Just like Tom Thumb’s blues Down by the river Workin’ man’s blues Willin’ Shut up, Chatterbox! Candy girl Moondance Tequila In the pines Comfortably numb In the moonlight tonight Mama tried Stormy Monday Born on the bayou

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