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Are you trying to socially connect with others & build a circle of friends?

Social Hangouts (SH) is a diverse co-ed group ready to explore different locations in the South Bay & LA area, not to mention have crazy ass fun. It is also designed to uplift, empower, and inspire one another and a way to get our minds off of issues we may be facing in our lives. We’re about laughter, conversation, and getting to know one another.

As an active member of an all girls group, the ladies brought such positive energy, a pleasure to be around, not to mention, the bonding and developed friendships. After years of hosting events, I wanted to try something different and create this group for ladies & gentlemen.

The collaborated members of this group would be open to men & women, but just know, this is not a matchmaking group. Now, if you come across A Special Interest in mind and you and the other person are on the same page, Go For It! Just as long as we continue to engage in social events without any drama.

We are a group of fun individuals aimed towards building a friendship or strong connection inside as well as outside the meetup group. We also want to produce & engage in fun activities and just hang out from a long day at work, getting away from the family for a few hours, or perhaps even having spare time on our hands and try some delicious food and tasty drinks or whatever comes to mind.

Social Hangouts will have a wide range of social gatherings that includes: Happy Hour, Casual Lunches, Dining Out, Game Night, Conversation, Dancing, Wine Tasting, Walking, Hiking, Bowling, Karaoke, Comedy Night, Live Music, Bar Hopping, Sporting Events, Cultural Events, and more.


- Canceling / Rescheduling an Event: An event will be canceled or rescheduled, if there are less than 3 people who RSVP. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 4 hours in advance.

- 3 No Shows allowed before being removed from the group. You may rejoin, if you can make the commitment.

- Being punctual is not required, but letting the organizer know when you're expected to arrive would be respectful & wouldn't be considered a No Show.

KEEP IN MIND: Some of these events cost time and money (e.g., reservations, potlucks, etc) and it’s unfair to others if you change your mind at the last minute. Also, some event locations require all parties present, in order to be seated. I understand that things come up; however, try to be considerate for the organizer and the members attending the event.

For safety reasons, only members with a current photo will be approved! We need to match the name with the face and be able to identify the member at the event.

Meetup charges Organizers a monthly fee to have events and in order to keep the group active, a membership fee will be required of $5 annually to join.

So if you are looking for fun social events & willing to connect with others, then I encourage you to join!

You never know who you may cross paths with, learn from, or simply have a good time with at the next event!

I am truly excited to begin this new journey and be apart of a circle of friends that's willing to bring positivity & great attitudes to the group. I am a people person; loyal and true, where you're greeted with a smile!

Hope to see you soon!

~Crystal Nicole, Organizer

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